Wednesday, October 20, 2010

travels and such...

At about this time of the year we usually head search of a little more summer.  This year we opted to stay closer to home...since we have a trip-of-a-lifetime planned for the not too distant future.  So instead...we are being tourists in Seattle for a few days.  Seattle is just a three hour drive from our place...and though we have been there often (usually passing through)...we had never visited many of the tourist attractions. 
What fun we are having!  More about that tomorrow.

About the trip-of-a-lifetime...we were told that we would require certain vaccinations to travel to our destination.  The recommended course of action is to pay a visit to the travel doctor...who knows exactly what we need.  The travel doctor works from several offices...and spends a few days each week in our city.  We quite liked his hours...and made an appointment for the wee hours of the morning before any other businesses were even thinking of opening their doors.  His office was a bit of a surprise...somehow not what we expected.  Located far from any other medical services, we found ourselves in a waiting room situated in the loft of a quilting shop.  It gave a new meaning to having 'stitches' at the doctor's office.
Once the necessary forms were filled out...I could browse...from above!

He wasn't much interested and found some reading material.  Soon we had our consultation...and rolled up our sleeves for the onslaught of needles.  We are now protected against yellow fever...and many other horrid diseases.  And while we were there..we had our flu shots as well.  And all that happened before eight o'clock in the morning! 

So...if you are considering travelling to interesting places in faraway lands, be must first visit the travel doctor.  That would be enough to keep my daughter at home!

Enjoy the day...


  1. (Yes, and I'll be staying home as well. I don't even do flu shots preferring the flu to the shot. I know, I'm a baby.)

    You must be going someplace tropical and warm where mosquitoes are the size of helicopters. Ackkk!

    Seattle, now that's a nice southern city...

  2. Okay, I'm intrigued. Will you be telling us the magical destination soon?

  3. I am curious too! I remember all the shots we had to get when we went to Kenya...and I received a couple extra because I was older and need some boosters...YUCK!

  4. You do get around and always share such interesting posts from your travels. Lucky for us. No shots required to read all about it :).
    I can't imagine where you are off to now.
    My son visited the travel doctor prior to going to Australia. I don't think his dr. was in such an interesting location, however.
    I wouldn't mind travelling through the gardens in your header photos. Beautiful!!

  5. I had never heard of him, till we went to South America...and it sure was a convenient for him to help us work through the process of knowing exactly the shots we would need.
    It will be the trip of a lifetime.
    I remember my first visit...out in the toolies.

  6. Beautiful shot of the Space Needle. You were a stones throw away from where Dear works :0)
    A traveling doctor that travels and prepares you for travel...what a novel idea!

  7. Oh that is a really fantastic shot of the needle.
    Travel doctors are fantastic. . .it's good they know what you need.
    That is quite the office. .I can't imagine why E didn't want to browse through the quilting shop. :)

  8. I think it's a brilliant idea for quilt shops to have couches for those shoppers who are not quite as enamored of fabric as others. ahem.

    Oooh, Africa or South America? Those would be my guesses. Shots are no fun but necessary sometimes. Who wants yellow fever? And the shot lasts for 10 years, which is a GOOD thing. Like Vee, though I stay away from the flu shot.

  9. I'm laughing...Lovella said it was a fantastic shot of the needle and I'm thinking, I didn't see a needle...I went back to look for the vacination needle and realize she was refering to the space needle! Got me:)
    Enjoy Seattle in this beautiful weather!

  10. Looking forward to your travel posts -that's the great thing about living where you do- there are so many short destination trips to interesting locations. Enjoy your day!

  11. Oh my, Judy, where could you be going on this "trip of a lifetime?" I have a suspicion, but I'll wait to see if I am right!
    The first time I traveled to Europe in the 70's I had to be inoculated against smallpox! I had to take a trip to the State Board of Health to get that shot as it wasn't easily available.

    Enjoy Seattle! My brother just returned from a visit there.

  12. We've Been to That Smae travel Doctor numerous times. Feels a little hick, but he's good at what he does and very knowledgeable and helpful.

  13. Sounds like a great mini trip to Seattle! And glad you were able to get the shots for your trip-can't wait to hear about the destination!

  14. Hey, hey hey. Come on now. Haven't you heard? Apparently a near death and a baby cured me.


  15. Seattle..a nice southern city.

    Someday I want to see the sights of Seattle too. Been wanting to, ever since the television series "Here Comes the Brides".
    "The bluest sky you've ever seen is in Seattle..."

  16. Aaah you're in my city! What a gorgeous picture of the space needle. Lucky you got to enjoy this beautiful fall weather.

  17. A unique location for the doc's office! Cool! Love the pic of the space needle. Blessings on all your prep for this great trip1


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