Thursday, September 27, 2012

a bridge for the future...

We visited the big city earlier this week...

...and decided that Vancouver is a lovely place to be in September!

On our way home back home...

...we crossed the Fraser River via the new Port Mann Bridge for the very first time.
For now...
three eastbound lanes are open.

The new bridge is 10 lanes wide...
and will be the widest bridge in the world...
as well as one of the longest.
It is expected to be fully completed by December.
For now...
it was a free trip over.
Soon...the toll collector will be getting his dues.
And well he should.
Does it not make sense to have those who cross the bridge help pay for it? 

The original Port Mann Bridge is slated for demolition.
Or is it?
It seems there is a movement to keep it in place....
even suggestions that it become an urban park.
We'll have to wait and see.

I may just take you back across that river tomorrow...
and show you a few of the sites of the city.

Here on the farm...
the corn harvest is in full swing.
The sun continues to shine...
and rain is but a distant memory.
Is this really the west coast?


  1. I have heard my sister refer to this bridge, or in particular the old one that is narrow and usually a bottle neck in the trip to Vancouver. I can see that the new bridge will be a welcome addition to travellers who cross it every day. It would be nice to save the old bridge for a walking/biking route. I know it will cost in additional upkeep so will be a controversial decision I'm sure. I look forward to your pics of Vancouver. The top one looks amazing. What is the glass sloped building?

  2. Well now, leave it to me to wonder if it's the only way into the city... If so, I hope that the toll remains on the very reasonable side. Wouldn't want to kill a city for a toll. I haven't visited Boston as often as I might've liked for that reason...not that they've missed me. LOL! It looks to be a beautiful bridge. What a great idea it would be to save the former bridge. Sounds like Pat's post on the in NYC. Very cool.

  3. I am excited to cross that new bridge too! Imagine that? It is nearing completion. My son has had his part in that construction so I am quite happy to pay a toll .... keep the economy moving!

  4. That bridge really will be spectacular. I like that idea of the former bridge being transformed into a park. Reminds me of the section of New York Pat from Mille Fiori shared several posts ago of a re-purposed part of New York...

  5. I'm looking forward to seeing what you did yesterday. The ride over the bridge was interesting. i'd vote for keeping the old Port Mann Bridge. in Edmonton, there's a pedestrian bridge over the North Saskatchewan river and apparently it's enjoyed by a lot of people.

  6. An urban park on a bridge sounds like a fun idea. We usually go into Vancouver via one of the other bridges since we come from the ferry. But I hope we go via the Port Mann one day, just to see the new construction.

  7. A bridge converted to a that's novel! Would love to see how they do that!

  8. I never saw a bridge like this one. It is an amazing creation. I wish they would do a documentary on the building and designing of it. But for now, I will just be happy to have you share it with your skillful photography.

  9. Having taken photos crossing on the other bridge, it is interesting to see a photo with the old bridge running alongside. I'm looking forward to our first trip, whenever that will be.

  10. Very, very nice! I'm glad I found your blog!!

    Common Cents

  11. This looks like an amazing bridge with 10 lanes to travel on!

    The Verranzano Bridge that connects Brooklyn to Staten Island here in NYC will have its one way charge go up to $15 soon! Too expensive if you ask me. It was built many years ago and I'm sure it has been paid for many times over...sigh


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