Wednesday, September 19, 2012

the setting sun...His signature

The sunrise is God's greeting...
the sunset, His signature.

Here on the west coast we have had the most beautiful weather this September...
and every evening as the sun sets we enjoy the work of God painted across the western sky.

I thought I'd pick a few sunset pic's from my files today...
from places far and near...
and join Vee's note card party.
They have all been posted on 'My Front Porch' over the past few years.

Lund, British Columbia
...on the 'The Sunshine Coast'

Kona, Hawaii

Cayucos Beach, California

Wiltshire County, England...
where the sun sets over the circles of stones just as it has for thousands of years.

Is it so small a have enjoyed the sun?
~ Matthew Arnold


  1. I love sunsets and I recognise Stonehenge which of is on one of our regular routes down to the south west of England

  2. Such beautiful sunsets... thank you for sharing your photos of God's handiwork!

  3. God is the master painter....just beautiful!

  4. We've enjoyed the sun at this end of the valley's beautiful and it stops me from getting the real work done...I think I will just keep enjoying it's beauty.

  5. They'd all make a wonderful set of note cards. I am amazed at how far you've traveled, yet sunsets are sunsets the world over. I like that first quote, though I find myself wishing we had a good quote for the hours between midnight and dawn. Must go looking... Thanks so much for joining in when you weren't sure that you'd be able to!

  6. Judy, these are stunning photos. The first one is just glorious. My father visited Stonehenge while in Britain during WWI. I did have some photos of him there but can't find them. :( Thanks for sharing these beautiful notecards. Pamela

  7. Beautiful photos and great choices for note cards!

  8. Beautiful! And a bit of a travelogue at the same time. These would make wonderful note cards.

  9. Beautiful photos, Judy, that would make wonderful note cards. I like the thought of thinking of sunsets as God's signature.

  10. just lovely views. i wish to see all these in person, please. wow!! amazing work there. great picks for note cards. (:

  11. Beautiful pics. I so love the beauty God has given us. Especially sunrise and sunset! Though I tend to see more sunsets then sunrises since I'm not a early bird!

  12. These speciaL note cards must bring back so many memories. Sunset is truly a wonder of the world and a link to those who like us, are appreciating sunset's peaceful beauty worldwide.
    I just talked to a friend in Nanaimo this morning who is expecting company and was describing a delicious dessert. She promised to send me the recipe and it turned out to be your Nanaimo Bar Ice Cream dessert. I had to chuckle as I'd sent her the link to your "Mennonite Girls Can Cook" website a few months back - after telling her what a wonderful book it was... It's a small world...and I think I mentioned before that Vee sent me her MGCC cookbook after you girls sent her the autographed copy. I sent her some of my note cards to thank her and she decided to start a note card party..."and the circles they go round and round..."

    1. I love these kind of stories, Sheila! It truly is a small it not?

  13. The beauty of the sun is timeless, Judy, and it was a treat to see so many wonderful sunsets from around the world!

    Our house in CO. closing is tomorrow ...please say a prayer for us, as all has not been going as smoothly as we hoped. Thanks!

  14. Indeed worthy of postcards. I love sunsets and marvel how God never tires of creating another one!

  15. Spectacular! I can feel my toes in the sand:@)

  16. Lovely thought...the sunrise being the signature of God! Beautiful picutes!

  17. These are awesome! I love sunsets and these photos make gorgeous note cards.

  18. I guess no matter where the sun sets, it is always an awesome sight.
    Very pretty pictures.

  19. My choice of notecards for sure. You know from over the years of visiting my blog, that sunrises and sunsets are favorites of mine. You captured them so perfectly, and I like how you shared that they are God's greeting and God's signature. Beautifully done!

  20. Loved your pictures of the sunsets, especially the one from Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. I grew up in Kona and witnessed many of these beautiful sunsets. Sometimes we were even treated the the green flash that happens when the sun and the water meet as the sun goes down. Beautiful!


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