Friday, September 28, 2012

Vancouver highlights ~ our city tour...

We like to visit the city on occasion...

...and have a few favorite spots that we frequent.
But this time we played tour guide to visiting family...
and decided we should do it up right.

Why not take a 'hop-on hop-off' tour?

We have done just that in San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas and New Orleans...
why not in Vancouver?

We hopped off at the waterfront...
watched the sea planes and boats coming and going...
and then carried on to Stanley Park.

We hopped off at the rose garden.
The roses were sending out their last hurrah...
but the gardens were about so much more than roses.

Next stop...
Prospect Point.

The view was great...
the raccoons entertaining...
and the ice-cream cones were not bad!

Our route took us past the beautiful beaches of the city...
and the inukshuk that has welcomed visitors to Vancouver since Expo 86.

We hopped off at Granville Island...
where we wandered about the public market.

Our guests (hubby's sister and BIL) know only a few people in Vancouver.
What would be the chances of meeting two of them at Granville Island?
First one...and then another.
That is exactly what happened.

And did I mention that we met Arlene...
We watched the popular CBC show in the evening...
and there was Arlene...
on the set...
in Toronto.
The next morning...
she was on the streets of Vancouver.
And so were we!

 From Granville Island...
we hopped back on that bus...
and rode through Chinatown.
Did you know that 52% of the city's residents have a first language other than English? 

We hopped off for the final time at the waterfront...

...and then rode to the top of the Harbour Centre Tower.

It gave us a whole new perspective of the city.

Before we made our way down...
the sun was setting.
It was time for dinner.

Tomorrow is another day...
in Canada's third largest city.


  1. Thanks for the tour of beautiful Vancouver! I like the idea of the hop on - hop off bus tour. I hope to see it next summer when I go out for my nephew's wedding. And, maybe I'll even meet some blogging friends while in the area! I hope you have a great weekend.

  2. What a fantastic idea to take the hop on hop off tour. I will definitely plan to do this next time i'm in Vancouver. I knew you'd have a picture of the Pan Pacific. When our children were young we took them to the Imax and walked around the Pan Pacific. We "just asked" what the price of an overnight stay would be and because it was in February we were quoted a rate that was too good to pass up - comparable to the Quality Inn where we'd been staying. We stayed two nights in a corner suite with an amazing view and felt like we were living in luxury. Lovely to see the September Roses!

  3. One doesn't need a translation for most of this post. It looks like fun. (I have had happen what you describe more than once...finding someone in a place far from home. It's so odd since I live in this town and haven't seen people who also live here in years, yet I travel and run into someone. Odd.) Parts of this post were totally foreign to me and I have no idea what you're talking about. I should Google. Oh, and I see that Thanksgiving in Canada is just around the corner!

  4. Hello Judy,
    It looks like you truly experienced all the best of this city - wonderful photos and gorgeous views. I am happy to be your newest follower,

  5. Vancouver is such a beautiful city to show off but more so when when the weather is nice. We've had a few wonderful months for that! I have a feeling that wehn we go there next we'll be visiing in the underground mall or something like that.

  6. It's fun to show off local sights to visitors. The hop-on, hop-off bus tour sounds like a lot of fun. Hasn't the weather just been spectacular? Enjoy touring around!

  7. Wow...that was a full day! A great way to show the city to visitors. We've done that a few times, too. It is great way to see so much in a short period of time without having to look at a map, fight traffic or look for a parking place! :-)

  8. So the burning question is...did the trolley driver teach you anything new about Vancouver that you didn't know already? I love trolley tours. Beautiful photos!

  9. What a perfect way for all of you to share our Vancouver city with your guests. Looks like you all benefited and could enjoy the day at ease without looking for parking spots in every site.
    We always enjoy the on/off buses and use them frequently when we travel.

  10. I love taking the "hop on hop off" buses where ever I travel, Judy, although I admit I never took one in Manhattan :)

    Vancouver looks like a beautiful city with many interesting and beautiful sights to see. I can't believe your in-laws met the only two couples they know in the city by accident on the same day...what were the chances? lol!

  11. Great pictures of beautiful Vancouver!! Thanks for the tour. We love to do "hop on hop off" tours too and have done this in Victoria and also in Dublin, Ireland - I think they are brilliant and a great way to see a city and learn about it's history! We must get to Vancouver some time soon!

  12. What a great idea that was! I'll have to remember it for the next time we're in the Big City. Meeting up with the only people one knows in a city - well, it's happened to us too. Very strange!

  13. Thanks for the tour!! My travelling band boys love Vancouver! and my sister was engaged in Stanley Park. Lovely to see the pictures!

  14. What a very fun day, Judy !! My fav part ? The racoons .. you got such sweet photos of them!
    I haven't been to Stanley Park this loss!

  15. After years of having the blessing of visiting this blog, I am convinced that you know how to make any occasion fun and educational at the same time. I dream of visiting Vancouver, especially after I see your pictures. What a special way to spend time with family.


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