Wednesday, September 26, 2012

out with the with the new

 He arrived with no hair...
and had little to speak of for the first year of his life.

Then came the curls!

Could he have been any sweeter?

He seemed to know that all the women in his life loved his curls...
and he was never too eager to have them cut off.

And so...
for all of his pre-school years...
he sported a lovely head of curls.

Our family cruise to Alaska marked the end of summer vacation.
The day after our return home...
Ryder would be starting the first grade.
He thought a new back-to-school-look was in order.

On the last night of the cruise...
Ryder posed for a few 'before pictures'...
and then paid a visit to the hair salon at the spa.
We all went to spectate!
By the time he was done...
his curls lay in mounds on the floor.
It was a whole new Ryder.
A new look for our handsome young man...
but with the same smile!

I'm happy to note that the curls are sneaking back...
a few more each day.


  1. Oh Ryder... we love you! and love your new look:)

  2. A very handsome young man with or without the curls. He sure does look grown up without them, however. His mommy is a very pretty gal too.

  3. He looks so much more grownup without those curls. Curls or no, he's a cutie.

  4. Very nice indeed. He really looks happy with his new look!

  5. Awww! Cute, either way! But I do love curls!

  6. He is so cute! You can cut off the curls, but you can't take away the handsome nor the grin. (This is an ongoing story with my grandson as well. The curls come and go.)

  7. The Utah Ryder Fan Club loves the new look and the classic Ryder curl mop top look too. Hope he has a wonderful school year with lots of news friends.

  8. Those curls are just too cute, but the new look is great for Grade one. A handsome boy for sure! The new look reminds me of my grandson who just got glasses.

  9. What a handsome boy! Hope he is enjoying first grade. Our oldest son had those kind of curls, too. When he was a toddler, a friend started calling him a "cherub"! He keeps it buzzed now...doesn't care for those curls at all! :-)

  10. With curls or without curls - he is STILL adorable!!! I love this 'photo journey' are so creative!

  11. We all love those curls.. But I surely can understand why he would want a new cut for school...I just gave my little one a new cut the other day. He too was tired of his long hair. But they look so cute don't they with those curls?

  12. Goodness such a difference but still a handsome young man. I hope school is going well for him.

  13. What a sweet post!!! He's adorable.

  14. How very grown up he looks now....but I bet you miss the curls!

  15. Ryder is a handsome young man! That is quite a transformation.

  16. Aw, he's so cute! Looks great with short hair too. What a sweetheart :)

  17. Your grandmother's heart shared this fine young man kperfectly. He is one handsome guy, with curls or without. It will be interesting to see what he does with them when he is older. Love these pictures.

  18. Ryder looks very handsoem and grown up without his golden curls! I hope you kept one for your memory box, Judy!


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