Tuesday, September 4, 2012

summer's last hurrah...

We are back...
safe at home...
once again.  

We had a great time...
sailing to Alaska and back.
I'll share some of the adventure with you soon.  
 Of course!  
But it may be awhile until I sort through all the photos. 

Today I'll leave you with a few images of the 'end of summer' blooms  around My Front Porch.

For the most part, my baskets and planters were filled with foliage this year...rather than flowers.  They were easy to maintain and looked amazing all summer.  Coleus and potato vine...my garden picks for 2012.

And now...I must go see what you have all been up to while I was away!


  1. First to welcome you back. I love that you used foliage this year. Perfect blends of color and no need for dead heading all summer. Some good thoughts for next year.

  2. I really love the foliage pots. That potato vine is one of my favorites. Someone took good care of watering for you while you were away! Wonderful!
    So glad you are home safe and sound!

  3. Welcome home! You do have the most beautiful Front Porch!

  4. So nice to have you back. Love your foliage!!

  5. Welcome home! I hope you had a wonderful time!

    Your garden is always one of the prettiest in blog world, Judy! I am going to remember your suggestion of coleus and potato vines for my flower pots when I move to Colorado. We will have frequent rabbit, deer and elk visitors, however, so i am wondering if they will survive their nibbles?

  6. Home Sweet Home! Is that not what you felt like when you got home? Welcome back!

  7. Welcome home, Judy.
    Your gardens are looking so pretty. I'm making a note to plant coleus next year. I love it, but for some reason never think to plant it. I guess I'm too busy checking out all of the different flowers at the garden centers.
    Can't wait to hear about your adventures in Alaska.

  8. The color combination is beautiful...certainly every bit as lovely as posies and requires no dead-heading. Happy to have you back in Blogdom and very glad that you had a wonderful trip north to Alaska.

  9. Glad you are back home safe and sound. I am sure you had a wonderful trip. Hubby and I are thinking of cruising to Alaska for our 4oth next year. So, I look forward to hearing your report. Your front porch is lovely! I have always wanted a front porch and it looks like I might finally get one. We are making plans to add on to our house and that is part of it. Hope it works out!

  10. Your summer blooms still look lovely. Glad to hear that you'll be sharing your cruise photos in the future. i'm looking forward to some armchair travel!

  11. Welcome home, Judy. I love the contrast of the bright and dark in your foliage choices. Enjoy getting caught up!

  12. Love your choice of greenery - wow - that looks stunning! What a gorgeous place you have there! There's no place like home, right?

  13. If those pots and gardens were mine, I would post HUGE pictures of them. They are gorgeous! Perfect choice and style!

    Welcome home! I am so eager to see your pictures. What a fun and most special adventure. We have two years to go until our 40th and you can be sure that I am taking notes.


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