Thursday, September 6, 2012

a whale of a time!

 So what exactly would amuse the kids on a cruise to Alaska?
most everything...
it seemed.

First thing in the morning they were peering out the window of their stateroom to see what there was to see.

  Maggie was beside herself with excitement...
when she spotted an orca whale spouting off right next her window!

And all the Disney characters roamed about the ship...
and showed up here and there...
to the delight of the grands.

 They each sported a Mickey Mouse bracelet which allowed them into the supervised 'kids zones' anytime.
There was never a dull moment there.

There were plenty of real charcters on board.

Some came to breakfast...

...some strolled the top deck.

One never knew where they might pop up!

Maggie's favorites...
were the princesses.
Of course!

And what's not to like about...

...fine dining that includes Mickey Mouse ketchup?

Micah seemed to favour the Mickey Mouse ice cream bars...
his standing order for dessert.
And his toy tractors and trucks...
which he carried with him wherever he went!

The Alaskan weather was never too cold for the kids to go swimming!
Ryder got one more quick dip in on the final night on board.

They all had a lot of fun!
an Alaskan cruise is
perfect for kids of all ages! 


  1. That looks like so much fun! Disney really knows how to do it!!!
    Love the girl's shoes on the last picture - they all look so stylish and adorable.

  2. If big smiles are any indication, they all had a wonderful time! What a beautiful bouquet of grands you have.

  3. Broni, you sure look good in that hula hoop... :)!! and Spencer in a skirt!... Wow! I love it :) miss all of you guys... might need to make a trip to your places soon!

  4. Those ice cream bars are a hit...are they not...together with the Ketchup.
    Looks like Mickey Mouse spotted all of you more than once.
    I'm glad that you had such a wonderful memory.

  5. It looks like you had a WONDERFUL trip! Maybe I'll see your twins again next week and they can tell us about it. Dairymary

  6. Ahh...what lifetime memories were made in a week! So glad you had perfect weather!

  7. What fun! That first photo of Maggie looking out the porthole, wrapped in a blanket, is classic - evocative of all kinds of exploring and adventure tales. Definitely my favourite of the whole lot of wonderful photos.

  8. I can just imagine all the fun those cousins (and their parents and grandparents) would be having together! Wonderful memories for everyone.

  9. What a grand time!!! I have never been on a cruise and this just looks like so much fun!!! Perhaps someday Amber and Mike will want to take their quads on a vacation.......and I will be SO available to go WITH them to help!! I loved seeing every picture. What a precious time for you all.....

  10. I'm sold...I hope there are more photos to come. I love seeing this for the first time. I've always heard it is a wonderful way to vacation with kids but no one has shared their photos before... I love how much fun everyone was having. Memories were made!

  11. I've aloe never heard of this cruise shared from a pespective that makes it fun for kids! It sounds like Disney on the water with real whales and sealions in their element.

  12. Another dream is to take our grandkids ona Disney Cruise when they are all a little older...what fun! I enjoyed all your photos!

  13. I am impressed with the attention to detail that this cruise line attends to. They use so many creative ways to make memories for big and little alike. Disney and Alaska...what could be better!


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