Wednesday, June 20, 2012

come sit a spell...

Today is the first day of summer...
and a lovely one, at that!

When I think of summer...
I think of time spent outdoors.

What could be nicer than a quiet spot in a lovely garden on a warm summer day?

Today I'll take you on a garden tour of sorts...
one where you can sit and relax awhile.

I'm joining Vee's note card party today...
with four photo's that I took at the local Rotary Garden Tour in year's gone by.

Every garden features a unique spot or two that beckons one to have a seat.

I have asked the gardeners on occasion if they ever have time to sit in their lovely gardens.

They smile...
as they admit they rarely sit.

But maybe at the end of the day...
they can recline in this 'magazine cover' gazebo.

Those are my note card picks for today.
This coming weekend...
I plan to take part in the garden tour of 2012.
I'll have some more photos to share then, I'm sure.

I'm back from Iowa.
I've done my share of sitting...
and now it's time to catch up at home.


  1. perfect... a place to have friends, a quiet moment or a birthday party ... lovely!! invites to the party. or a miss you type of note card. (:

  2. Lovely resting spots Judy. As a gardener, if I sit and enjoy the yard I will see things that need to be done. Then I sit no more! :) The gazebo looks like a wonderful spot to relax. Enjoy the garden tour. Blessings, Pamela

  3. Lovely photos and a beautiful garden. It's true, gardeners rarely sit, but you've got so many lovely spots to take a break, who could resist?

  4. Judy, your photos are so pretty and oh how nice it would be to sit there with you and enjoy a glass of cold tea. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  5. I'd love to sit in those garden spots with a cup of tea and a good friend. Lovely note card ideas!

  6. Oh now that's fun. I really like the last setting...

  7. So, so nice, Judy!

    We sit on our deck, but I'd love other outdoor sitting areas....Thanks for sharing this inspiration!


  8. Ahhhhhh, lovely all. I do note that some seats look more comfortable than others. I do enjoy sitting, but like Pam, then I see things that need doing so it never lasts long enough. I think I need a hammock to look at the sky.

    So glad that the first day of summer feels like summer...

    Are you participating as in going or hosting?

  9. That second shot is amazing! Love the setting, and I love the hydrangeas and Lady's mantle in the vase. Beautiful!
    xo Beth

  10. I do like that covered gazebo. It seems to have all the comforts of home. And speaking of that welcome home! It must have been nice to be away - especially at a wedding, but it's always nice to come home again isn't it?

  11. Judy,
    I swing in my hammock chair a lot. It hangs from the floor of the top porch, and is nicely shaded.
    I would love to be in the first picture. Oh my goodness, the pillow and gigantic seat cushion look sooooo comfy. Bring me a book and a drink, please!

  12. Shall I pour us a glass of tea? Passion fruit with a slice of lemon?

  13. Oh my, that last photo is inspiring. All great choices. I'll be back to enjoy the Garden Tour pics.

  14. Well I would love to come and enjoy any of those outdoor areas....have a wonderful time with the garden tour.

  15. What a great intro to summer!! All beautiful spots to sit awhile!

  16. Perfect selections for a note card celebration of summer! Well done!

  17. Great selections. Sometime when you have time I would like to know more about how this note card party thing works.

  18. The prettiest notecards come from you and ladies who have joined Vee's card party! The ones you shared today are exceptional! How I admire gardens like the ones you posted, and I too wonder if they ever have time to sit and enjoy them. Really, it just relaxes my spirits when I see settings like these. Thanks for sharing them so that we all can enjoy them.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson