Wednesday, June 6, 2012

shopping in a foreign city...

If you have ever flown into Vancouver...
you have been to the city of Richmond.

YVR is twelve kilometers from downtown Vancouver...
but is situated on Sea Island...
which is within the Richmond city limits.

Last week when we were in Vancouver...
we also crossed the Fraser River and went shopping in Richmond.

We waited for our salesman in the guest lounge.
I thought I would pass the time by reading the paper.
I guess not!
There were many newspapers...
but they were all Greek to me.

As for the sales people...
most spoke Chinese and English.
I was not always sure which language they were speaking.

Though we were so close to home...
it felt like we were in another country.
Richmond has the largest Chinese population of any city in North America.
Eighty percent of the residents are of Asian decent.

I may never get to China...
but I can always go to Richmond for a wee bit of the culture.
A trip to their Summer Night Market is a good cultural immersion experience.
We are planning an outing there in July...
hopefully on a warm summer night.
And...if we need advice as to the best eateries in Richmond...
we can always ask our son-in-law...
who grew up in there.

It may not be mainland China...
but it almost feels like it.
And I can visit without a passport.
Richmond, B.C....
something to experience!


  1. long has Richmond had this 80/20 split? I'm trying to figure out how I would feel about a community within a community that was so diverse. Hopefully, everyone is a good neighbor!

  2. That is really interesting Judy. I had no idea there was such a major Asian population in Richmond. I also didn't know the airport is on an island. The market sounds like it would be interesting. Enjoy the day.

  3. Very interesting. It's always good to get the inside scoop for an area like this. Love your mosaic!

  4. It sounds very interesting. Like one of those places you could visit often and learn something new each time.

  5. Living as I do in Brooklyn, New York, I am very used to a blend of cultures and ethnicities, Judy. Very often I am more surprised to hear English being spoken than Hebrew, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, French, Italian, Arabic, etc., but I am always cheered by that because I feel if a "united nations" can live peacefully together here, there is hope the entire world may one day live peacefully together. Getting to know each other and sharing cuisines and customs and respecting each other's religions is one step towards that goal. Plus, I love the varied authentic ethnic markets and restaurants we have here! I;m sure you would find some wonderful restaurants in Richmond!

  6. Authentic Chinese restaurant here you come! We love visiting China towns in the San francisco and Houston of all places. I've read about the Indian area near Vancouver and would love to visit there too.

    I know eventually ethically conentrated areas tend to phase out...I did enjoy visiting the facinating Fraiser Valley Mennonite area a few summers back. Hope it is still serving up authentic Mennonite food to visitors.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson