Tuesday, June 26, 2012

country roads...

Rolling and curling their way through the countryside...

...those country roads took us north from Independence and right to my brother's home.
They also gave new meaning to the expression...
'biting the dust'!

Bill & Jeanne's house has been around for a long time...
but underwent some changes since we were last there and I never recognized it!

Megan, Kaitlyn and Andrew played ladder golf.
with his cell phone in hand!

There was new equipment since our last visit...

...and a farm tour was in order.

Soybeans and corn...
that's what this farm is all about.

They have their animals as well...
but just for fun!

Kiley's llamas were more than co-operative about posing for me!

Tomorrow we'll drive a little further along the country roads...
to visit the neighbours.


  1. Just loved this post Judy...when Mac and I go down home to his beloved Alabama we often take the old roads that people avoid for the interstates...what beautiful views we see and what wonderful people we come across

  2. The scenery is just as I'd imagined it must be, never having been to Iowa. I can't resist a road like that, and luckily, neither can TGD.

  3. Dear Judy, Such a beautiful place to see!

  4. Iowa looks like a VERY nice place to visit.

  5. So interesting, Judy .. love the Llamas ..smile... but where are the mountains? a sky line without mountains always makes me feel like I've lost my anchor to keep me from flying off the face of the earth ! silly me, I know ! :-)

  6. Your pictures and words come through with the feeling of what it was like to drive onto your brother's yard and see where he lives. Not an every day occurence for you and pretty special.

  7. What gorgeous pastoral looking scenes. I have a real thing for riding along roads that have gentle rolling hills.

  8. Beautiful peaceful scenery! Love the llamas!

  9. That is a nice long unpaved country road! Your brother's farm looks like a busy spot. The llamas are cute.

  10. I love that ribbon of a road! What a beautiful place you get to live in!!

    Ladder Golf? That's new to me!

    MORE!! More pics!! I so love them all!!!

  11. You live in such a pretty area, I love seeing your photo's. the llamas are great, we have two live in a field near our house.

  12. I would much rather drive down a country road than a busy highway. It's even nicer when the destination is a visit with family. Your brother's farm looks most impressive and those llamas are darling.

  13. We both experienced wonderful visits in the country, and we could probably compare many of our notes. I like the rolling hills of Iowa, and the country roads. Thanks for sharing the pictures, especially since I have never been in Iowa.

  14. Looks like a beautiful place to live and the llamas are too cute! They didn't spit at you, did they? I understand they are bad about that! :-)

  15. Looks as if your brother's farm is a modern establishment. Those llamas are rally cute. Are they wearing muzzles? Have never heard of ladder golf. Looks as if that would be a great place to lose some golf balls.

  16. It's good to get a minute to stop by and catch up...but what I really need is a fresca on your Front Porch. Looks like your youngest brother has done well for himself and his family as they have renovated and kept up with the times in farming. Must of been a wonderful time visiting with your family once again.
    Stop by at my place for a coffee on my front deck...did you see it yet? It could of been one of those spots in your garden tour. Maybe next year.

  17. Your brother has a wonderful farm, Judy! I was happy to see the lamas as I heard they are becoming as popular as sheep these days, because of their thick and non allergic fur.