Friday, June 29, 2012

in a garden...

For the past ten years, a local Rotary club has sponsored a garden tour in our area...on a Saturday late in June.  A ticket allows you to enjoy ten beautiful roam about as you please.  Two of my sisters have joined me at this event for the past many years. Here are a few photos from this year's tour.  Is it possible to feature a garden tour...and not post flower pictures?  I think so!  Though the flowers were beautiful...the gardens were about much more than flowers.

Some had antiques...

...and quaint old sheds covered in ivy.

And swings..
of course.

No garden is complete...
without somewhere to sit.

And I found lots of great places!

Around a fire...

...beside a pool

...and in a backyard tent.

Every garden had a water feature of some kind it seemed.

 Some had fish.

Then there were the birds...

...big and small

...strutting or sitting!

Maybe even a llama!

Dot, Mary Ellen and I.
Rotary Garden Tour 2012.
I managed to take you on a garden tour without flowers!
But let me throw in a few...
just because.

Happy Canada Day!


  1. Have a delightful weekend...hope that sun is prominently featured! My favorite garden element is the old tractor. Wonderful!

    (We were promised sun today, which has now been changed to rain. We awoke to pouring rain and so we have not yet achieved two consecutive days of sun in weeks.)

  2. Wonderful garden features. If I could I would pass you and Vee some of our lovely sunshine here in OK but, you would have to take the temps along with it. 105* yesterday.

  3. What a beautiful blog site! Thank you for featuring our Chilliwack Rotary Club's Garden Tour - I enjoyed greeting people at one of those ten gardens - the one with the old Shell station and all the fabulous farm antiques tucked amidst flowers... Thank you, Grace and Henry, for sharing with us!

  4. I often find that the structure and decoration of a garden is just as interesting or even more interesting than the flowers - so this post suited me just fine! A garden tour is such a good way to find out what's behind a high hedge and to get some inspiration.

  5. Gorgeous garden room, and I didn't miss the flowers at all. Favorite space was the one with the white curlicue wire chairs/glass top table. Love looking at the peacock too...pretty sure I'd feel differently about the bird at 4am when they begin their calls.

    Wish our area had such a fabulous garden tour.

  6. I heard from someone else that they had a great time at the tour. I love your photos and your celebratory blog template for Canada Day!

  7. Pretty header... And pretty garden pictures. Looks like a wonderful day to spend the day...especially with your sisters!

  8. Looks like a great tour and it looks like you stayed dry! Happy Canada Day to you and yours!

  9. Happy Canada Day to you!!
    Beautiful pics of beautiful gardens in a beautiful country!!

  10. That looks like fun! And a nice way to spend time with sisters!

  11. What great pictures and what a great post! And, Happy Canada Day!

  12. Happy Canada Day Judy. I enjoyed seeing the landscaping and outdoor rooms. Here there are a lot of old tractors that form display pieces in people's yards. I think I'd rather have a pool though!

  13. A belated Happy Canada Day, Judy! I enjoyed this tour and was amazed by the large peacock and the sight of the lama! With all the hot weather we are having here this year I wish I had a seat by that pretty pool!


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