Tuesday, June 5, 2012

dual purpose ~ no more!

 I had been thinking and dreaming.
 I needed a swing for the grands...
but I also really wanted a clothesline.
Four years ago...
my dual-purpose swing was installed.

The grands could swing...
and my clean white laundry could flap in the breeze.
It was a good plan.
If it wasn't raining...
and if no one was spreading liquid-gold in our neighbourhood...
I would hang clothes on the line.
Not any more.

The grands still swing.
But the clothesline seems to have disappeared.
Hubby took it down for winter...
thinking he would tighten it up come spring.
It has completely disappeared...
along with the pulleys for each end..
and no amount of searching seems to turn it up.
Every sunny day I remind him that my clothesline is still missing.
On sunny days he has more important things on his agenda.
So for now...
we have a single-purpose swing.
And I dry the laundry indoors.

P.S. He reads my blog on occasion.
I'm thinking I will have a clothesline soon.


  1. Oh, the pleasure of gathering in sundried laundry! Such a SIMPLE pleasure! All you need is a clothesline!

    (Looking forward to a soon post on hanging your laundry outside once again!)

  2. I think so, too, because he loves to please. Just as soon as he has a spare moment. Maybe by tomorrow.

    The swing your grandson is in looks like an excellent option for my grands' swingset so their little cousin could join them. Must look into that.

  3. Oh that is very tricky Judy! There are so many things to do in the sun for sure! Have a great day...

  4. I think that is the most beautiful swing/clothesline and view I have seen! I hope hubby reads this post so you can hang your clothes on the line again. Think of the energy you'll save. Have a great day! Pamela

  5. Do you have a fence? On occasions I spread my duvets on the fences..and I love the smells. I have not had a line here at this place...and I'm not really missing it. But I'm sure He's reading and your wishes will soon be met.

  6. You are the best grandmother and Hausfrau role model! I have envied that swing since you blogged it being installed.

  7. This made me smile, Judy. On the weekend we had a sunny day and I managed to dry TWO lines of sheets - I was a very happy woman! There is no greater small pleasure than getting into a bed that's been freshly made with line-dried sheets. I hope you soon have your line again!

  8. You will have to be sure and let us know if this post brings the results you hope for. It will be interesting to see how long it takes.

  9. Wonderful way to drop a hint!!

  10. The mystery of the missing line:)!? The kids look happy on their swings, and I'm sure you will be happy once that line is found and hung. Till then.....how nice that you have an indoor dryer....especially these days.

  11. That looks like a really great swing for the grands! It's one of the joys of life when we are little...swinging high. What a beautiful place. All that green, and wide open fields around. Hope your clothesline appears very soon!

  12. I must say, your swings and clothesline have the most beautiful view! I know you haven't been wanting to hang clothes outside in the past few days because the weather has been so wet, wet, wet! At least, our weather reports here in(rainy)Portland show the rain right up through BC, too.

    Isn't it odd when things totally disappear? Happens here, too.

  13. Oh to be a farmer's wife - grin - I know exactly what you are going through! Great way to drop a hint though..... The swing is awesome!

  14. Chuckling as I read this and hoping that today is one of the days he reads your blog.
    That is a great set-up for a swingset and a clothesline!

  15. I want so swing on that swing!

  16. Very clever strategy Judy! I must start dropping hubby hints on my blog :)

  17. When I was a child I loved to swing! Seeing your grandchildren in their swings made me smile. I know how you miss your clothesline, Judy, because I also miss mine! When we had to have our only backyard tree cut down after storm damage I lost my line as the pulley was attached to it. Washing curtains has never been the same :( Hope you have your line back soon!

  18. I sure did smile at your last sentence. Doesn't that just drive you bananas wondering where something has gone? Maybe it is in the same place as my pizza stones. Let me know if you spot them in your search.

  19. Reading this post brought me a smile. I think we all have things that we just cannot find, and some of us have husbands that wonder into blogland at times:)

    I think if I had scenery like yours I would hanging up my wash would not be a chore.


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