Thursday, June 21, 2012

to iowa and back ~ then and now...

In 1986 we flew to Iowa for my brother's wedding.  We had a wonderful time...but the trip had its share of memorable moments.

At that time we flew with Frontier Airlines from Vancouver to Iowa...via Denver...together with my sister and four-year-old nephew who was to be the ringbearer.  When one gets a good deal on can expect a few glitches, it seems.  We made it did the groomsmen who were flying the same route.

On our arrival in Iowa, everyone asked us how we planned to return home.  'Just like we came...with Frontier Airlines via Denver'...was the plan.  What we didn't know was that Frontier Air had declared bankruptcy and was no longer flying.  Oh dear!  We decided to enjoy the wedding and worry about the return trip later. 

After many phone calls we discovered that United would honour the bankrupt Frontier Air tickets, on a stand-by basis.  They warned us that we could be spending a lot of time en route.  And so it was decided that my wee nephew would forfeit his worthless ticket and travel home with his grandparents in the motor home.  The rest of us went to the airport to try our luck at getting home.  We made it to Denver in no time.  There we were informed that we would never get to Vancouver, since Expo 86 was in full swing and there were no empty seats to be had.  United offered us seats to Seattle...and we accepted.  Then we were just three hours from home...though our car was at the airport in Vancouver.  Eventually we found a ride to Vancouver...and on home.  It was trip to remember.  And we never forgot that it was United Airlines that came to the rescue.

Fast forward 26 years.  Once again we flew to Iowa for a wedding.  This time it was my nephew who was getting brother's eldest son.  Once again we had a wonderful time...but this trip went much more according to plan then the one so long ago!

This time we flew United right from the get go!

At the Denver Airport we saw Frontier planes sitting pretty...but somehow the name held no appeal for us.  Though we enjoy traveling to Iowa on occasion...we like to come home as well!

After a wonderful time in Iowa (where it was mighty warm)...we returned home via Denver...just as we came.

On Tuesday morning after breakfast we began the journey home.  It was an all-day that involved sitting in Denver airport for many hours.  We left Denver as the sun was setting.  And nearly three hours later...

...we arrived in Vancouver as the sun was setting.  It was the second longest day of the year...and it felt like it!  Will there ever be direct flights to Cedar Rapids, Iowa?

Stay tuned...for scenes from the wedding...the farming country...and the historic places we saw.  Iowa...a great place to visit!


  1. Even without the excitement of a switch in airlines, that sounded like quite a trip! I'll bet it seemed like just yesterday that your brother was up at the altar.

  2. I did check to note it was 30 hours to drive the I guess you better stick to the flights for now. I bet it really didn't feel like that many years had passed between weddings. How incredibly fast time can go.

  3. You got some great shots from the plane. Looking forward to the photos from your time in Iowa. Enjoy our fleeting sunshine while you may...

  4. Flying is the greatest fun. Although the first time I flew I nearly had a heart attack when the flaps dropped for us to back out of the terminal. I didn't understand how we could possibly stay in the air when the wings were literally in pieces. Now I know better and I never get tired of the view out the window.

  5. Congratulations to your nephew! You got beautiful photos of the sunset from the plane, Judy! I love taking direct flights, if possible, whenever I travel to avoid any problems.Having visited Denver Airport quite a few times myself, I found it to be one of the better ones to wait in.

    One of my husband's co-workers if from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, so I will be looking forward to seeing the historic places you found there!

  6. A great story! Glad you made it home. Look forward to wedding pics!

  7. What an interesting story! Beautiful pictures, especially of the sunset. I sure do look forward to the wedding pictures and the tours of the historic places you visited. I continue to learn so much from you.

  8. You are a tenacious who is willing to suffer inconveniences for the opportunity to support your nephew and his new wife on the cusp of this life they'll spend together. Now that's love!

    I don't think that air travel is keeping pace with the 21st Century. It feels as if so many things have taken a step backward and by "backward" I mean twenty years or more.

    Great pictures!

  9. I love that last shot of the river taken from the plane. So glad this trip was smoother than the first one. But then, that first trip makes for a great story!

  10. I've never flown so I really enjoy seeing these shots. Looking forward to seeing your photos from Iowa.

  11. I spent many summer nights in Cedar Rapids catching fireflies at my grandparents', but we always drove from Connecticut.


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