Monday, May 28, 2012

changes in my neighbourhood...

Saturday morning dawned sunny and clear...
a beautiful day in my neighbourhood.

It was the perfect day for the garage sale next door.
Of course I went to check it out!

Moving day is fast approaching ...
and our long-time neighbour is cleaning house.
She had her first garage sale a few years ago...
but then her house never sold overnight.
Now her days next door are numbered.

Her daughter was orchestrating the garage sale.
She was enjoying coffee and sunshine on the patio.
We will miss her (in the pink)...
a good neighbour for many years!

I came home with treasures for my granddaughter.
Maggie will be most thrilled with Barbies...
that come with their own private jet...
and motorbike.

As I left the garage sale...
I noticed a lot of action at the nearby intersection.
A tractor rally?
I went down to see what going on.

 This intersection was the scene of a serious car accident two weeks ago.  
The road was closed for hours...
and the jaws of life were called out.
The accident was caused when a vehicle pulled into the intersection while unsafe to do so.
However...the driver of the car that was inching forward could hardly be blamed...
since a hedge on the adjacent property totally obstructed the view.
After years of complaints from motorists about that hedge...
the neighbours made arrangements with the owners of the property to have a 'hedge-removing' bee.

 The owners agreed...
and the hedge came down in short order.

 The shrubs were hauled away.
The neighbours even brought in sand to fill the holes.
Neighbours working together...
make for a great community.

I've seen a lot of changes in this neighbourhood over the years.
Some good...
some not so good.
It's always sad to have good neighbours go.
As for the hedge...
I'm glad it is gone!


  1. Judy, I've been reading your blog for a couple of years now, and I just continue to marvel at how beautiful your part of the world is. The views are stunning!

  2. Good neighbours and communities working together are what makes for a healthy neighbourhood! Enjoyed your post very much.

  3. Great idea to remove that hedge for sure! Sad to see good neighbors leave. Hope your new neighbor adds good to your community, too!

  4. Changes everywhere. It's the way of life, isn't it? Your granddaughter will really enjoy the Barbie play things.

    How great to see everyone working together to make your road safer. That was a massive hedge!

  5. My "soon to be the new neighbor" came across the lawn to greet me a few days ago. I wonder whether they will grow hedges or what kind of fences they will build. When you plant the hedge you don't really think of what it will look like in 25 or 30 or more years. Neighborly cooperation is a welcome thing!

  6. Neighbors working together...and did you bring out your favorite dessert with coffee? I was expecting to see you with a tail gate party.
    Keep those hedges trimmed....
    Do you want some more BARBIES?

    1. I'll take the Barbies if they need a home. :)

  7. Neighbors working together is such a blessing. I have often wondered about hedges around intersections and wonder why they are not trimmed back. It is probably just for reasons like this.

  8. So great to see neighbors working together,
    especially in being pro-active when it comes
    to safety and, in some small way, sending a message to
    the bereaved as well.

  9. I'm glad your neighbors came together to remove the hedge that was blocking sight of the road, Judy! Hopefully there will be no more serois accidents at that intersection.

    I also hope you will have another good neighbor when the new ones move in. The Barbie jet looks like it will be a fun plaything for Maggie! :)

  10. You will miss your neighbour but I am sure God has the next owners in His plans. That is such a great job done to remove the hedges and clear the frustrating and dangerous when you just cant see around the corner.

  11. Good find at the sale for the grandgirlies, but how sad to lose a good neighbor. Hope that the new neighbors are fine folks. Yay for getting rid of a safety hazard. We have a few trees like that around here. One that was supposed to come down years ago for being the cause of a fatality. It's still there. The locals know enough not to use that road, but the tourists don't.

  12. I'd "hedge" a bet that you'll keep in touch with your good neighbor! Sorry to see her go! There's a few hedges that I'd like to remove on assorted corners around town too!

    Have a wonderful week!

  13. How wonderful that the local community rallied together to fix such a serious problem. Sorry to hear about the accident though. Your neighbour will be missed. I do hope that a nice family moves into your neighbourhood. Garage sales are just great. It seems there's always something for everyone.

  14. I know two other little girls who would have loved that Barbie jet purchase too. Aren't garage sales so much fun? The McDonald's stand that was featured on my blog post came from a garage sale too. I find it difficult to say good byes to long time neighbors, so I understand your thoughts.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson