Monday, May 21, 2012

run, skip and jump...

My twin granddaughters can usually be found hanging out together.   Though they each have their unique interests...they are always there to support each other.  Emme has been involved in competitive skipping for the past few years...and Spencer is usually in the benches cheering her on. Last week, Emme was in Moncton, New Brunswick taking part in the national rope skipping championships.  (She did awesome, we hear!)  Spencer was not thrilled to be left at home...while her mom traveled to the east coast with her sister.  But she made the best of it!

She took part in a school-sponsored 10 kilometer run on Thursday...a run which came right past my front porch.  I kept my eye out for her...and was there to cheer her on.  Not only did she complete the entire run...she was one of the first girls to cross the finish line.  I know I couldn't have done that when I was ten years old.  She also raised a lot of funds for fresh water in Somalia while she was running.  Way to go Spencer!

After school she had no energy left for running across the fields...

...and showed up at my back door on a tractor.  Emme was gone...but Mina from next door made for good company as well.  She kept busy...and before long the week was over.  Today Emme will be back home again!

And on the farm...we have reason to 'jump for joy'.  The last of the corn has been planted...almost a month earlier than last year. 

Grandpa had the help of a few princess fairies...which really hurried things along!  Maggie brought her friend Emma over to Grammy's for a play date last week...but she was really more interested in spending time with Grandpa out in the field.  It's all good.

Happy Victoria Day to all my Canadian friends!


  1. Okay, John has a question for you this time. He wonders what that hill (not Mt. Cheam ;>) is that is behind Spencer as she runs past your drive. He notes that the land is flat and so he thinks it must be something special. ??? Ha!

    Hooray for the girls who've done so well in both running and skipping. We think it adorable that Maggie so kindly lent her powers and those of her fellow fairy friend to the work of getting in the corn.

    1. Vee...the 'hill' down the road is an overpass. We happen to live right next to the #1 freeway and that is how we get across on our country road.

  2. What a sporting week that was! Spencer looks like a natural runner - way to go!
    I can imagine the satisfaction of having the corn planted, and I can imagine that the farmer at your house was happy!

  3. Great running and what better than having fairies on your tractor with you!

  4. Way to go Spencer!! ... for coming in as one of the top girls! ... maybe you can teach me how to run 10km! :) xo Marlies
    p.s. we are also very happy over here that the field work is done!! YAY!

  5. How proud to see Spencer coming down the hill...I'm sure it won't take long and she will be speaking of tennis..They will continue to challenge us, but It's so nice to see her place first. Corn is planted and the earth was watered. What else can we ask for.

  6. What a fantastic photo of Spencer running down the road. I love that whole scene! I am so happy that Emme did well on her skipping competition as well.
    And the corn...PTL. Now the rain will waken those corn seeds and the sunshine will come and sprout them. Sounds like perfect weather.

  7. My guy is also a farmer. He works on the farm at Braum's and it is always a relief to the whole family when the corn is in the ground. Those 80+ hour weeks are no fun.
    Congrats to the girls for their accomplishments. Spencer's smile is quite a reward all by itself.

  8. Hi Judy
    This is Judi from Aurora, ON. Are you in Ontario? If you are in Canada then Happy Victoria day!
    Isn't that something about the planting one month ahead? I wondered how it would be this year with the fine weather we've been having. It is just sooo beautiful.
    Your granddaughter did great! and wasn't that fun to have her running right by.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    I have a GIVEAWAY...come by and visit and good luck!

  9. Great post! Ah, to be young and energetic! Your family is precious.

  10. Good for Spencer for completing the race and raising money! How fun that the race came right by your place! Yippee for the early planting accomplished!

  11. You must be so proud of them both, I know I would be! I'd love some of that energy!

  12. The princess fairies on the tractor is such a great photo. As is the one with Spencer running. Hooray for her!

  13. You have lovely granddaughters and it's great they are so athletic and each excel at different sports. Moncton is my hometown. :)

  14. Such a cute picture of Spencer running. A genuine look of joy on her face. I know she loved that you were there to cheer her on...sure that made her feel special!

  15. I'm dropping by from Marg's blog. I've been home sick today and had a little time to relax (sad, isn't it?). Your beautiful photos remind me of my days growing up on a farm in Southern Idaho. Thanks!

  16. Your grands are destined for greatness!
    If Utah gets the 2020 Olympics, and your grands are competing, let's plan to go to their events together.

    And remember...I said it first.

  17. What talent exists in your family's genes. It is fun to read about it too. A famous author for a grandma and gifted athletes too.


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