Thursday, May 3, 2012 last glance!

The rains held off for a day.  
I mowed the lawns...
and even fit in a quick trip to Seabird Island to see the fields of tulips...
before it was too late. 

It was almost too late!
The fields were officially closed to the public...
and the farmers were busy farming their land.

We thought we would just stay on the edge of the field...
and not bother the farmer.

But Maggie really wanted to pick some flowers.

And we thought it might be OK...
since they were in the process of being cut while we were there.

That was her version of 'tiptoeing through the tulips'!

In no time...
she had a bouquet.

Even Lucy thought the tulip fields were quite something.

Maybe next year we will actually let her loose...
but things were just a wee bit too muddy yesterday.

Maggie was a smart girl...
coming with gum boots!

We watched as the farmer trimmed off all the blooms.
For him it's all about producing the bulb...
not about admiring the flower!

 For Maggie...
it was about saving the flowers from that machine.

Oh, what joy!

By the time we left the fields...
80 percent of the flowers had been cut.
The petals lay thick between the rows!

 One last glance...
and it was time to leave the tulips of 2012 behind.
We waved to the farmer and took our leave.


  1. They were just going to be mowed down? I hope that you all went tiptoeing through the tulips if that be the case. I'd have had tulips in every vase in every room. Yup, I'm greedy like that. The girls are so cute and look so much like sisters!

  2. Talk about good timing! I've never made it there but can see it should be on the list for next year. Great photo and story to go with it.

  3. Beautiful photos Judy. How fun to be able to pick the tulips! The girls are so darn cute!!

  4. Thanks goodness you made it just in time for what is now, surely, a tradition (at least I look forward to seeing your pictures!) Perhaps next year I'll make it over at the right time. I'll be in your neighbourhood for the week of the 13th.

  5. Such a a beautiful photo op with your grandgirls! Priceless!
    It seems ruthless to just mow down those blooms but I guess they just can't call in the neighborhood to cut bouquets.

  6. I look forward to seeing your tulip field photos every year, Judy, and this year is no exception! They made such wonderful backdrops for your beautiful granddaughters. Maggie in the red tulip field was so delightful and to see Lucy already able to stand in the field was such a pleasant surprise!

    I didn't realize the tulips are being grown only for their bulb! I thought that the flowers were cut and sent to florists for bouquets. I'm glad the girls were able to gather a bunch to enjoy! It was interesting to see them being cut--a different perspective from former years.

  7. It seems such a waste to destroy all those blooms but, I've learned farmer knows best.

  8. What a beautiful field and what a cool trip. How nice that you could pick a bouquet before the farmer cut them.

  9. So interesting how they cut them! Beautiful canvas for taking pictures of your adorable granddaughters. I love the one of Maggie running or tiptoeing with her hair flowing behind her - so adorable!

  10. I'm so glad you were able to see the tulips before it was too late. I'm also glad you shared your visit with us. Maggie had a good idea to rescue the tulips from the machine. It seems such a shame to mow down all of that beauty.
    Your photos are breathtakingly beautiful.

  11. It was a perfect day for viewing those tulips. Looks like you made it just in time. And a perfect outing with Maggie and next year Lucy will wear her gum boots and strut behind.

  12. I dream about being turned loose in bright colored tulip fields like you shared. Love the picture of little Maggie and her tulips.

  13. How lucky to get there "just in time" to save a few tulip blossoms from the farmer. Such sweet girls, from young to younger to youngest.

  14. Absolutely gorgeous pictures. Babies so cute.

  15. I so enjoyed being there in the tulip field there with you this morning. Your photos of the wee ones are better than ever surrounded by that glorious colour of the tulips. I wonder if the farmer has ever been asked by hospital or care home auxiliary groups or churches. If they could be notified before the tulips are cut. Think of the smiles those lovely tulips would have created being passed on to so many groups especially when it's so close to Mother's day. I remember as a teenager going to the daffodil fields to pick and then sell to raise money for our church group.
    Imagine a bunch of teenagers spending a day away from their smart phones and passing tulips and smiles on to the elderly in the community...just thinking of the possibilities...

  16. Fascinating and beautiful! I hope to visit this area someday.


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