Tuesday, May 1, 2012

it's raining again...

April has come and gone.  
The rains came...
as usual.
They have not gone!

I stand by the kitchen sink...
and watch the droplets run down the window pane.
Everything is lovely and green.
 The grass is ready for harvest...
but there is no getting out there just yet.

(photo compliments of Karen Booey)
Though an outing in the rain...
with a few friends and an umbrella...
is a good diversion!

As for the tulip fields that I planned to visit...
they are officially closed for the season...
though I am still waiting for a sunny day to do a drive-by.

There's always tomorrow!
I have hope.

Hope is that thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words and never stops... 
at all.  
~Emily Dickinson

Today begins the month of May.
Rain or shine...
have a great day!


  1. We are looking for the sun too. How can it be May? I love the green all around but I'm hoping for some colours to cheer the corners.

  2. We may of shared birthdays again this weekend, but I don't think we planned our blog topics for the day...MAY YOU FInd some SUN soon!

  3. I love that Emily Dickenson quote at the end.

  4. Great quote and I love the shot of all of you with your brollies! Yes! We are all looking for a good stretch of sunshine!!

  5. Happy May Day to you, Judy! The umbrellas are great!

  6. The photo taken through the rain streaked window is so cool. It would make a great wallpaper for the computer!

  7. I am curious about that umbrella picture. All the umbrellas are the same and they appear to be tiered. A fun shot!
    I know what you mean. Portland has been drowning, too. My yard needs so much attention.

    1. The umbrellas were given to the whole busload of women as we set out on a get-away sponsored by our feed company last week. It seemed they knew we were in for rain!

  8. Beautiful post! I, too, love that umbrella shot! We are fairly dry in Texas now. The lush green is drying out a bit now and we watered everything really well before leaving home yesterday. Hope....what a beautiful thing that is!!

  9. I loved all the matching umbrellas -- were they a gift from the Feed Company that sent you on the trip to Seattle?

    We had thunderstorms this morning and it is supposed to rain on and off all week, but March and April were exceptionally dry so we needed the rain. Please say a prayer my daughter's wedding day in three weeks will be warm and sunny! :)

    1. You are so right, Pat. The umbrellas were a gift from Ritchie Smith as we set out on our excursion in the rain. Kinda fun...having matching umbrellas!

  10. What a happy shot that umbrella picture is!
    We have had rain for a couple of days in a row here, too. The grass is growing but is too wet to mow, but before we know it things will be bone dry and we'll be aching for rain. Feast or famine!

  11. Send some of that rain our way - SW Ontario. We got a bit yesterday but need it desperately. I LOVE the umbrella picture - that's a keeper. Sending sunshine your way today.......

  12. May arrived cold and rainy here. It's still raining and will rain for the rest of the week. I hope it clears up over there or we have no hope of seeing the sun anytime soon.

  13. If I could figure out how, I'd send you our sun in exchange for some of your rain. I was out watering this morning as we're already behind on our rainfall. Would you like some near 90 temps too? :)
    I do like how you gals don't let a bit of rain dampen your spirits. Such a cute photo of all of you with the matching umbrellas.

  14. What a great picture of all of you with matching umbrellas! I wish you could share your rain with us. Our farmers would be thrilled. I like the picture with the window and rain drops.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson