Friday, May 25, 2012

some things last for ever...

Others...not so much!

We planted a row of  red sunset maple trees along our driveway seven years ago.
Once established...they would grace the lane forever.
So we thought.

 Over the years...
two have broken off in wind storms. 
So we have a few wimpy ones...
where the replacements went in.

Several weeks ago...
we noticed that the first tree in the one row...
was not getting leaves this spring. 
That's it.
Seven years and it is finished.
For no obvious reason.

We found out that we can get a replacement tree from the nursery...
about that size.
But there will be no more digging until fall.
We are to leave the dead one in place until then...
and get in an excavator to dig it out...
along with a large hole to put a new tree into.

So...I'm wondering how to make that dead tree at the road look inconspicuous until fall.
I'm open to suggestions!

Some things do last a very long time.
Almost forever!

We bought a swing set for our children when they were wee things.
When they outgrew it...
we passed it along to friends with a much younger family.
When our first grands arrived...
the friends decided we needed the swing set back...
and delivered it to the farm.
It was looking a little worse for the wear...
and I didn't really want it back.
But there it was.
(Thanks, Gord!) 

A few years later...
we moved on and Jeremy and Broni moved into our old  farmhouse.
The swing went with the package!
It served them well.
Emme, Spencer and Ryder had a lot of fun on that old swing.
It seems they have outgrown it though.
Jeremy tried in vain to find a new home for the old swing set...
and yesterday it went to recycling.
It served us well for more than three decades.
((I think it was made in Canada!)

Speaking of 'lasting forever'...
I'm still mowing lawns with the John Deere mower we bought in 1988.
I'm not always happy about it...
but it still gets the job done.

The lawns are mowed.
The sun is shining.
Have a great weekend!


  1. That swingset looks amazing and very well built. I'm sorry that there were no takers. ("Our" swingset needs bracing already. That's going to be another little chore for John as he noticed the problem while watching a video of the boys in full swing. I don't think your swingset would ever have that problem.)

    Sorry about the trees. Is it salt? We always think of salt first when trees start croaking that way, but I'm sure you don't salt your driveway.

    Yes, John does want any and all help. He left you a message back at my place.

    A happy weekend to you all, too!

  2. Big Sigh...I would have taken it....painted it and planted childrens bottoms on the swings. We have no swing set and procrastination goes on and on about getting one. That is the way it goes.
    About the dead tree ....leave it as a reminder and hang a sign on it. I'm sure you will think of something appropriate.

  3. I know it's only a tree, but was upset when our beautiful white birch died after almost 20 years and we had to cut off one dead branch after another. So I know whereof you speak. We hauled in another mature birch and it died as well. Replanting large trees is not so easy on them. I hope it works out for you ... probably smart to wait till Fall.

  4. I'd think about cutting the tree down to about a foot from the ground until you dig it in the fall. Dairymary

  5. I'm sorry your tree has died, Judy. I was sad to cut down our one and only tree a few years ago as it was badly damaged in a storm. It must have been 70 years old! Maybe you can fill the dead tree with bird feeders and birdhouse --I'm sure that it would become a bird haven that way!

    Thank you for your prayers for a beautiful day for our daughter's wedding --it was certainly that and then it was followed by a week of torrential rain! Whew--we were so happy to have a nice day!

  6. I like Pat's suggestion - i was coming up blank. That's wonderful that 3 generations used that swing set. I wonder if another family will be able to take it away and use it again. The farmer mowed our yard for the first time yesterday and today and was so happy when we picked up the newly repaired LawnBoy that he uses for trimming the edges earlier this week. He's had his old friend since 1976. Have a great weekend Judy!

  7. Oh I kind of wish I had my mowing done...but alas probably not till Sunday. What to do with that tree...something pinterest? Lanterns?

  8. Flags of places you have visited hung on the tree might be fun.

    Or buy "oops" paint at the hardwear store and let the grands paint it up with colors, stripes and poka dots, then glue sequines and glitter to make it shiney too.

  9. As I live on the plains of Oklahoma, the photos of your area never cease to amaze me. I love the first one with the mountains in the background.

  10. I would add some permanent snowflakes to the it reminds you of the come. some light fixtures even have batteries.
    I love your swing story. You'll have to inspect our swing some day. Yes, I know what you mean about things coming to an end. Our JD died..and we are proud owners of a new one. It's time the farm owes you a gift!!!!

  11. Isn't it interesting how our best made plans can go awry. Beautiful driveway design with perfectly planted trees and then when one or so does not make it, it can be disappointing. I like Lovella's idea of hanging a sign:) Your driveway and other trees are just lovely.

    Maybe you could paint the swing set and ship it to Lovella's house. Looks like it was a sturdy one.

    Hope you have a good weekend. I know I told you before, but I sure enjoy your blog.

  12. I drive by your place a couple of times a week and I never noticed the dead tree.

  13. What lovely photos....what a beautiful place to live.

  14. I don't think I can add to your other comments about what to do with the tree until fall.
    Wish we lived closer - I would have taken the swing set. It certainly had a long and useful life!

  15. Oh the possibilities for that tree at the end of your driveway...what about a quick growing vine, like a clematis that could climb and bloom in the branches?

    And it's so good to see that every ounce of enjoyment was squeezed out of that swing set! Canadian steel for sure!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson