Tuesday, May 8, 2012

when the sun shines...

We make hay silage...
of course.

That's what's happening on the farm today.

But we actually had sunshine on the weekend...
and packed in a lot of sunny weather activities.

The grands from next door came for a sleepover...
and a wiener roast.

And then they thought it would be great fun to play in the grass...
before it was cut.

I wasn't sure grandpa would like it...
but he said 'let them'.

It's a little harder cutting down a grass field that is home to paths and forts!

They wanted me to join them.
I knew grandpa wouldn't let me play in the grass!

But they did talk me into playing tag.
 Oh boy!
I used to know how to run.
That must have been in another life!

On Sunday afternoon we packed up a picnic lunch...

 ...and headed to Bridal Veil Falls with the whole family.

We had some birthdays to celebrate!
Ranen and Auntie Broni are both a year older.

Once the fire was out...
they opened their gifts.

It seems a book of 'knock-knock' jokes was was a hit  with Ranen.

celebrating together.

Baby Lucy agreed that a family picnic at Bridal Falls is a good tradition.

There are nice trails to the falls.
Some like to hike up the creek!

But in the end...
we all met at the viewing platform.
Though we visit the falls often...
the view never gets old!


  1. I smiled at the playing in the grass. There was a big game of hide and seek happening in the field on Sunday here too. It seems....that memories of long ago are always fun to revisit.
    This year....we have to go to Bridal Falls. It has been too long too.
    Love seeing your birthday party!

  2. Have you tried that crepe paper tag game yet? It is so much fun and with any luck at all, you'll be the first out. =D

    How many birthdays a year do those gals have? It seems as if it was just the week before last.

    So glad that little Lucy is showing up for these family traditions these days.

    Always fun to see "the gang" in action.

  3. Running isn't what it used to be for sure. What a lovely day for your celebrations. Those falls are gorgeous!

  4. We might not be able to run the way we used to, but playing is something we can do forever. Love this post. My post today, just up, is along the same lines. Must be something to do with the energy of a sunny day! Family is just the best!

  5. So much fun with your family...I love your photo's!

  6. Such fun in the sun. Makes me envious, for it has been cloudy here for several days.

  7. Judy, that is such a gorgeous location. We have some breathtaking waterfalls in North Carolina, too.

    And, your family celebration makes my heart smile.♥

  8. I love Bridal Falls and quite understand the desire to straight up through the water to the top! I don't do much running anymore, but I still like to play and playing with grands is the very best.

  9. Today after reading through this post, I thanked God that you have a camera and that you take time to share your beautiful family and it's happenings with us. Once again, these pictures are exceptional! What a fun venture for everyone.

  10. I am looking forward to visiting Bridal Falls with our grands soon! YOur photos are motivation enough.

  11. A picnic to Bridal Veil Falls is a fabulous tradition and an even more wonderful place to celebrate two special birthdays!

    My daughter will be putting on her own bridal veil in the weekend after this one so if I don't visit often soon it will be due to much wedding hoopla going on! :)

  12. Another one of those wonderful places in our own back yards. We have the best of both worlds and you sure took advantage of a sunny Sunday.
    I wonder what tomorrow will bring.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson