Thursday, July 26, 2012

a few pinteresting ideas to share...

If you need a little inspiration...
head over to pinterest and browse a little.

I've browsed...
been inspired...
and pinned.

 And one day when I have time...
there are many fun things waiting for me to make.

Many months ago I decided I would try the 'sundress-made-from-a-dress shirt' idea...
that I found on pinterest right here
I cut the pieces...
and waited for a rainy day to sew it up.

We had plenty of those...
and still the project lay unfinished.
With July coming to a close...
and sunshine in the forecast...
I finally sewed up the sundress.

Cute...I said to myself.
I then I called Maggie to come try it on.

 Even cuter!
I put on the finishing touches and she took it home.

if you have an old dress shirt or two that  need re-purposing...
and a girlie or two that would like a sundress...
there's a 'pinteresting' idea you might want to check out! 

Another idea which came from pinterest was...

Pack about 4-5 dozen wieners upright into a crock pot.
Do not add water.
Cover and cook for about 4 hours on low.

We tried it out at Lucy's big birthday party...
and it works like a charm!
The wieners are neither grilled nor boiled...
but taste rather like those that would come off a roller at a hot dog stand.

Two more down...and a long (and growing) list to go!
Feel free to check out my Pinterest boards right here.
You may even find a recipe or project to snag!


  1. I like both ideas Judy. I recently hesitated about donating a really good quality shirt even though it's not worn. The fabric is heavier so I think it would make a great manly plaid pillow with the buttons for trim. Come to think of it there's likely another pillow somewhere in that shirt.

  2. Brilliant Ideas! I'm still trying to figure out how to "do" pinterest - must check this out more seriously. Thanks for sharing - pinteresting indeed!

  3. The sundress is terrific, Judy! I recently joined Pinterest and I'm finding so many great craft ideas. I finally added a board entitled "Pins I've actually tried" just so I would get busy working on some of them. I need the accountability I guess! I will definitely be checking out your boards. (Oh, and I'm passing on the hotdogs in the crockpot idea to my husband, he's the hotdog cooker and eater in our house). Thanks for sharing.

  4. Every year we host a barbecue at Pondside for volunteers and it's always a chore to keep up with the demand for hotdogs and hamburgers. This would free up valuable barbecue space. Thank you!
    ....and if I had a grandgirlie, I'd be going through the Great Dane's closet right now!

  5. I'm really impressed with people that take the next step after pinning! Love the little sundress and you are right it's so much cuter with that model in it!

  6. I love that sundress. I had not seen that pinteresting item yet. You deserve a medal for actually trying something you have pinned.

  7. As you know, I love Pinterest, Judy! It is a wealth of good ideas, interesting facts and beautiful photos. You chose two wonderful examples of how it can be so useful in our lives. Your Maggie looks so adorable in her shirt sun dress!

  8. Great ideas! And you made them more than just ideas by actually following through on them!

  9. That little dress is so sweet on your grand girlie. Pinterest has so many great ideas - and you've made time to use them, not just collect them. Wonderful!

  10. Enjoyed catching up with you and yours !


  11. The little dress is adorable! With 4 grandgirls, I will need to keep that in mind! Great hint about the hotdogs, too. Sounds like a good thing for the beach next year!

  12. You made Pinterest come alive by actually doing and sharing. The little dress is so adorable! Who would have thought that a shirt could ever look so cute! The hotdog idea is perfect! Thank you for sharing it. I have to stay away from Pinterest most times because I can get lost in the fun place that it is. Great post!

  13. Just wanted to say great job on both pins. The sundress is adorable and now I know how I can feed my Chirch's bus kids hot dogs! One other thing. The irises and the hydrangea are absolutely beautiful!


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