Tuesday, July 10, 2012

stepping into the next year...

She came all fancy-like to her first birthday party...
not really looking like she was going to a carnival at all!

And she wasn't about to sit around looking pretty...

...if cousin Ryder would take her for a ride in his Gator.

That seemed to take the cake more than the cake!

By the time she had her go at the cake...
the dress was discarded...
in favour of something comfortable!

Opening gifts proved to be a fun time.

And so ended the first year of Lucy's life...
and today she crosses the threshold into her second year.

We planted a lilac tree for Lucy after she was born...
with plans to place her stepping stone beneath it.
We finally made the stepping stone last week.
before her first birthday rolled around.
Her little lilac tree had one lone bloom this spring.
I'm sure it will have two next year.

Happy Birthday,  Lucy!

Did I ever mention that 'children's children' are a real blessing?


  1. I love your tree and stepping stone tradition.
    You're sure to have mentioned that children's children are a blessing - but if anyone missed it, this post amply illustrates it!

  2. Happy Birthday to Lucy.
    She sure is a cutie.
    The photos of Ryder with his protective arm around her are priceless.
    I love your tradition with the tree planting and stepping stone. Hope I can remember that if I ever have grandchildren ;-).

  3. I'm sure that you have mentioned that, though if you hadn't we'd still be able to figure it out. I love the tender care Ryder is taking of his little cousin. Such a big responsibility! She's a cutie that's for sure and what a lot of loot!

  4. What a sweetie! And you are so right - children's children are a huge blessing!

  5. Awwwwww! So adorable - all of it!

  6. So sweet! Loved both her outfits! :0)

  7. Love the ride with Rider! What are big cousins for?
    And you are so right... childrens' children are a blessing indeed!
    Happy Birthday Lucy!

  8. Oh yes, children's children are such a blessing. I could have never imagined how wonderful it is to have these sweet little ones in my life. Lucy's a doll!

  9. What a beautiful little one. Can't believe she is a year old already and looking like she wants to be "one of the bunch!" Such fun to see cousins develop relationships with each other

  10. Happy Birthday Lucy! How adorable! What a joy & blessing grandchildren are and to have them so close to you,
    Judy is a real treasure.

  11. Beautiful photo's and a lovely idea for a gift...a stepping stone. Happy birthday Lucy!

  12. Doing a quick catch up on your blog...lots of family fun and celebration. You are a blessed woman =) Love the photo with you and your grands!

  13. Oh how sweet little Lucy is. What a great idea to plant a tree for her and to make a stepping stone for it. I agree that children's children are a real blessing! Enjoy the day!

  14. Maybe one day she will carry lilacs from "her" tree on her wedding day!

  15. It looks like she truly had a wonderful day.

  16. Happy first birthday to Lucy! She looked like a princess in that pretty dress, Judy. What a delightful girl she is. A lilac tree was the perfect choice for her.

  17. What a fun time! Love the stepping stone idea.How did you make it?

  18. Precious memories! Looks like a wonderful celebration!


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