Monday, July 30, 2012

the volunteers of summer...

We never planted or watered...

...and yet we can 'reap'! 

I love the bright and cheery sunflowers ....
that are perking up the backyard these days.

We feed the birds.
They drop the seeds.

We say...

I don't recall the last time I sowed dill.
And yet it grows...year after year.
I like that!

The wisteria blooms early in the season.
And then in the middle of summer...
it blooms again.
I like that too!
The blueberries are ripe for the picking.

They are the perfect addition to a lunchtime salad.
One that we enjoyed on the front porch the other day.
If you are interested in the recipe...
head over to MGCC today.


  1. You know how I feel about volunteers - and yours are really some of the best sort!
    We've been enjoying blueberries recently as well. I'm sure that home-grown berries are just a little sweeter, though.

  2. Love the seeds the birds left for you!
    You salad also looks yummy! I will be trying it.

  3. I love those volunteers! A sunny face in the garden when you least expect it is always welcome.
    Dill.....I can smell it. One of my favourites.
    Blueberry salad and good company....looks like a date on your front porch.

  4. Wisteria photo was so pretty and the salad...yummo!


  5. My bird seed has a lot of sunflower seed in it and what the birds don't consume the squirrels do, but every now and then I am also blessed by a sunflower growing like magic in a flower pot! They are such cheerful flowers, aren't they?

    I also love blueberries ( store bought) and have enjoyed them all summer long. My one blueberry bush does not seem to want to produce berries, unless the birds are getting to them before I am!

  6. I love things that grow without my interference! Love that wisteria!!

  7. Wisteria is so pretty and I do love sunflowers. I do much better with growing things that thrive on neglect!! ha! ha!

  8. Love sunflowers and deliberately planted some this year. Can't seem get my dill to grow - ugh! I love dill and it's so pretty to use in bouquets as well. That Wisteria is absolutely stunning. Great pictures. Your blueberry salad looks wonderful!!!

  9. Sweet photos of sweet and not entirely unexpected delights. Love the'd be worth feeding the birds. =D

  10. Nice photos! That salad looks so good, I wanted to reach right through the computer screen and start eating!

  11. I discovered this morning, that somehow I missed this beautiful post. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed every one of these pictures. Your way of sharing and your photography makes EVERY visit here a memorable one. Every one of the blogging friends you have would love to sit at that table and eat a blueberry salad.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson