Thursday, July 5, 2012

the long weekend camping trip...

Though we needed jackets...
and firewood...
and tarps to keep things dry...
the weekend was definitely not a wash-out! 
The kids really couldn't care less if things are a little damp.

Nor could the ducks in the pond. 
And yes...we even saw a little sunshine.   

We were camped right next to the volleyball court...
so the girls made good use of it. 

Miss Maggie...
all decked out with her Rapunzel veil (as she called it).

The grands had a fine time hanging around the playground.

So did the rest of us, actually.

The perfect mid-day treat on a hot cool summer afternoon...
 snow cones...
made to order!


Note...fleece hoody and cozy blankee with snow cone in hand!


And when it was simply too wet to play outside...
they played in the top bunk of the RV.

The two youngest grands enjoyed their first ever family camping trip.

Micah...always good at amusing himself.

And cousin Lucy...
who thought that playing in the dirt really took the cake!


Keeping an eye on all the goings on in our campsite...
was this wise old bird...
perched just above us.

He may have more stories to share!


  1. Judy - I enjoyed both camping stories. Your family has such nice traditions to celebrate birthdays and holidays, I didn't know that firewood was banned from crossing the border. We lived close to the border for 9 years and often crossed with no trouble but once when I took my two preschoolers across I bought them each a little name license plate and a small scarfe my daughter thought she liked my car was searched after I held up that tiny bag with about $4 worth of items in it. It was amazing to see a female guard with her flashlight trying to peer into nooks and crannies in the almost empty trunk! Not a pleasant experience. Hope you get better weather next time your family sets out together.

  2. There's something about a rainy camping trip - the memories are so cosy - the fires, getting cosy for bed a night, how the first cup of coffee tastes better than any cup of coffee at home. That looked like a lot of fun!

  3. Looks like fun! Family camping trips are great. We camped with our kids while they were growing up and we have so many good memories and funny stories to tell! Sounds like you made the best of a not ideal situation...what you nearly always have to do when you are camping! :-)

  4. Children could care less about the weather they were just happy to be with their cousins. Cousin time always makes some of the best memories.

  5. Judy, that looks like a fun family camping time. And to have an owl out during the daytime, that is unusual! Dairymary

  6. That's such a good thing to don't care about bad weather too much. It looks as if everyone had a fun time camping out. The grands are all growing so fast. Even little Lucy isn't a baby anymore!

  7. Is that a real owl!? Now that is cool. You know I'm hoping to capture an owl with my lens before I die. Looks like you made the best of a good weekend together. Kids are great for showing how to enjoy the weather regardless.

  8. It looks like you all had fun in spite of the weather. I found the recipe for bush pies on the MGCC blog. Thanks!

  9. I am learning too that you can,t let the rain stop your life and events... So glad you could all get away and have some family rime and I love that owl sitting on his perch...woo Hoo!

  10. Wonderful camping photos, Judy! It looks like a good family time all around. I would trade our excessive heat for some of your cooler weather!


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson