Tuesday, November 9, 2010

enjoying the season...

We know winter is just around the corner...and see the snow up on the peaks. 

But yesterday the sun was shining...

...and the shades of autumn were mine to enjoy.
Soon we will be wearing the winter clothing...
and the vibrant colours will have faded to brown and grey...
and this season will again be a memory.

Though it appeared they were flying east...not south...
the Canadian geese were having a party in the sky.  

It's fall...and I'm thoroughly enjoying it!


  1. That goose party looks like a big smile in the sky!
    We'll have to combat the dreariness of winter with some vibrant scarves and hats..........

  2. Beautiful images to set the day right... lovely thoughts of such a glorious season as autumn.

  3. Our coloured leaves are almost gone now...another year is passing too fast.

  4. ah. .the geese. I was outside yesterday without my camera when I stopped to listen to the distant honking coming closer. . I just stood there and marveled at the wisdom of the birds. . knowing to head south. Amazing creator.

  5. There are so mamny things about the way creation prepares for winter that are amazing. Love the geese picture!

  6. Yes, I think those geese are headed my way! We usually see hundreds in the park where I walk every morning but just a few have shown up so far this autumn.

    It must be so wonderful to "lift thine eyes to the mountains" each day, Judy.

  7. Wonderful pictures!

    The rain this week has washed down all our pretty leaves and left us with a mess!

  8. Your post is beautifully written. Thanks for sharing the colors of autumn with us who lost the leaves weeks ago.

  9. What beautiful trees! We had a very dry summer, so we aren't having much color...that makes me a little sad and a little jealous! :-) Thanks for sharing...I don't mind enjoying fall vicariously through your pictures! ha! ha!

  10. Nice fall pictures of beautiful B.C.
    I so enjoy your blog and others of MGCC, also access to such good recipes from afar is a bonus.
    As a Cdn Menno living in Germany it is nice to see what Cdn Mennos are up to across Western Canada.

  11. Ditto :) You know come to think about it I havent' seen the geese flying around yet. Are they late this year?

  12. Beautiful and what fun the children must have had enjoying all the chopped branches.


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson