Thursday, November 18, 2010

post modern monopoly...

The power went out the other the first windstorm of the season.  What's a person to do?  We decided it was as good a time as any to unwrap our new Monopoly game...and play the modern 'all-Canadian' version of the age-old favorite.  We discovered that it took one large pillar candle...and two flashlights on shed enough light on the subject.  How did they do it...back in the day?

Our family tradition was to buy a new board game every Christmas...and for the most part...we have kept it up.  This year we decided to purchase the new Canadian Monopoly game...and because of the storm and got unpacked a little before Christmas! 

We soon figured out this was not the 'same ole' game we were accustomed to...and we played with one flashlight illuminating the rule book.  Inflation has definitely left a mark on this game!  Where we once 'Passed Go' and collected $200...we now Pass Go and collect $2M.  The most expensive property on the original board was Boardwalk @ $400.  One now needs very deep pockets to play the game...with properties ranging from $600K all the way up to $4M. 

Here's the fun part...we are on the board!  Where you were accustomed to seeing Tennesee Avenue on the orange will now find Chilliwack....adjacent  to Kawartha Lakes and Montreal.  That's my fair city!  And the mountain peak you see featured on our 'square' is none other than Mt. Cheam...the view I see daily from my front porch.

As you may or may not recall...Hasbro had a contest earlier this year, where we could vote for our favorite that we would like to see on their new Monopoly game.  Oh yes...we are a loyal and patriotic bunch over here...and we like our city just fine.  And since I encouraged you all to join me in voting for my hometown ...I would just like to thank those of you who helped put Chilliwack on the new Monopoly: Canada Edition.  Though you may never have heard of Chilliwack...we managed to get more votes than Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto and Kelowna.  I like that!

I must admit I was more than a little disappointed when I opened the box to discover there was no money!  What fun would it be to play the game without real, hard cash?  

We soon discovered that it was much simpler to swipe a card...a lesson that I had learned long ago in real life.  After about an hour of play in the semi-dark...the game ended with one of us having a balance of zero...and nothing left to mortgage.

What can I say?  If you need a new board game for the season...and you are interested in dabbling in the real estate market...and prefer to spend someone else's money to spending your's a good game for you!  And you may just learn a little about Canada while you play.


  1. That's a very modern variation! No money? That's no fun!
    My daughter has the Smithers variation of Monopoly too.

  2. I did not know of that new game. Of course I wouldn't, not being in Canada. It sounds interesting. How proud you must be to have those pictures on there. Seeing that board spread out sure brings back memories of such games when we were all younger. Everyone, but us, are too busy to play anymore. Blessings to your family for the holidays.

  3. Good for Chilliwack!! I still consider you my hometown. Mt. Cheam you stand so tall and regal. I see you are already wearing your silver crown and white robe. Blessings to all you you in that fair city.

  4. My kids were always so excited when the power went out. They'd head straight for the Monopoly game and lanterns and we'd play away the hours. Wow the modern version is a little frightening. So happy Chilliwack made it on the!

  5. Oh what fun! You're welcome...I'm so glad that I could help put Chilliwack on the board. :D I see that swiping the cards doesn't necessarily change the final outcome. (Always my problem, too.)

  6. My first thought was, that is a lot of paper money to handle and then I saw the electronic gadget... oh... what a great idea!
    I will be on the lookout for this game. It's been a very long time since we played monopoly.

  7. Even games are modernized. How fun to see Mt. Cheam on the board. I love looking at that mountain while driving the number 1.

  8. This looks fun..not sure about not having cash though! Our son has the New York version which is also fun after having made numerous trip to the city. Great to have your own city on the board!

  9. That is so cool that your city is on it. I had just started blogging when you posted about that. It is neat to see the real thing. That's funny about the prices and the debit/charge card...who would have thought??

  10. Sounds to me like the perfect way to spend a stormy evening. Now I know how much power you and your blogging friends possess. "Chilliwack" won out for the game. What a fun post.

  11. That was a fun read! Congrats to Chilliwack for being on the Canada Version of the game!

  12. I remember voting for Chilliwack! I'm so glad it won!

    The game has certainly been modernized for the present day! Isn't it funny how I just blogged about Atlantic City, NJ where Monopoly's original location was?

    Hope your power stays on!

  13. A game each Christmas is a wonderful idea to draw the family together and this new version may interest this generation of children just as the paper money we had was so much fun playing with.Congratulations on getting Chilliwack on the board! I deleted my comment but here it is again - corrected now...

  14. That looks like a great new version! So glad I could help vote for Mt.Cheam to be on the board. I wonder - would Grandma still be able to cheat with the swipe calculator?


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