Tuesday, November 2, 2010

a first...

Our youngest grandson is celebrating his first birthday this week.

(photo compliments of  Roxanna J Photography)

We got the festivities started a few days early...
on Sunday night.
who was dressed as cupid...
and looked completely like a cherub...
could not believe that the forbidden cake, icing and candies
were all his to enjoy.

And enjoy he did!
The cupid went straight from his perch to the bathtub...
before returning to unwrap gifts.

 As for the dinosaur cake...
I'm posting the instructions over on my recipe blog...
for those of you who were asking.

Micah is a happy and contented child...
a cuddler...
a lover of books and of digging in the dirt...
and an adoring fan of his big sister.

We are blessed to have him in our family...
and so glad we could share in the celebration of his first year milestone.

Happy First Birthday, Micah!


  1. It's so nice for a grandma to have a cuddler in the family - cuddling is very high on the qualification list for grandmas, and it's a shame when that qualification isn't well-used!

  2. OH so very cute Judy. .both the cupid and the dinosaur.
    I think we'll have to start a new index for birthday cakes. .you are fantastic at them.

  3. So sweet! Each one is unique and precious...

  4. A year old already? Good heavens. I know I say this often, but where DID the time go? This time, I really want to know. Is it because I missed reading about his coming? I think so...I'm heading back to the archives now. What a handsome little boy to love!

  5. Happy first birthday to dear Micah!

    His cupid costume was perfect for eating a delightful purple dinosaur cake!

  6. Oh he's a cutie pie!! And I love the cake! I'll keep that in mind for future grandboys.

  7. I am learning so much from you my grandma friend. Your little Cupid and the birthday cake you created are adorable. I am so grateful for the cuddlers that I have here in this family too. I am headed over to learn how to make this cake.

  8. Very cute. Just hope he doesn't grow up to be hockey star or soccer goalie and these pictures get leaked out!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson