Tuesday, May 6, 2008

camping in my own back yard!

I hadn't planned to go camping last night....but things don't always go quite as planned! This is how my day unfolded...

Things were rather busy on the farm...since the sun was shining. Elmer got the first field of corn planted...a rather small field, but it's a start. The forecast was still for showers, but Jeremy also cut down one field of grass. The calendar says it's high time...so they are beginning to feel the pressure of getting the spring cropping done.

Meanwhile, Heidi and I went fabric shopping. There's a baby on the way and things to sew! Our first stop was the quilting shop.

She wanted to see what was going to be happening with all those bunnies I had embroidered!

And this is how I'm hoping it will look like when I'm all done with my project.

Here's the funny part...there are no cameras allowed in the quilting shop. I never found that out until after this photo was safely in my camera, so it's mine now! A nice lady came to clarify their policies when she saw my flash going off. I never knew the whole quilting thing was such a big secret...but then, what do I know about quilting? I'll be needing that picture to complete my project...along with a few phone calls to my sister in Manitoba, who is an accomplished quilter. The bunny quilt has a chenille border around the outside and a nice soft flannel backing...and Heidi thinks it will be perfect for her little 'somebunny'!

Our next stop was Fabricland for all kinds of odds and ends...and what's a shopping trip without lunch? We checked out a place called Cookies, that neither of us had been to before...but where we'd go again, if only for their potato/farmer sausage soup!

Last night, it was off to the big city for a little culture! Anne Murray was in concert at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre...and I had bought tickets for hubby for Christmas. May 5th is not the best time to be taking time off work to drive into the city...but it was so worth it!

We saw Anne Murray in 1972...riding on the Nova Scotia float at the Rose Bowl parade. We were in California on a delayed honeymoon trip...and went to see the big parade. When she passed by we made a lot of noise for her, since no one in the States knew who she was...do they now? All these years later, she is ending a most successful career...and we thought we should be there to say farewell.

The concert was great...she was accompanied by her band, and the Vancouver strings. She did a number of songs off her new Duets album (where she sings with Celine Dion, Amy Grant, Shania Twain, Nelly Furtado...and others). Her daughter joined her onstage for a few numbers also.

It was a wonderful evening! The downside is always driving all the way back home after the concert. The traffic wasn't bad...we went through a Tim Horton's drive-through and picked up some coffee to make the commute more pleasant...and by midnight we were home.

Here's what we hadn't counted on! The power was out...and the garage door would not open. Suddenly it dawned on me that we were locked out of our home. Yup...we always drive into the garage & from there it's quite simple to get in. The house was locked up tight...and there was no key to be had! Jeremy and Broni have a spare key...but at this hour of the night, everyone was sound asleep. Our motor home is still on the yard from our last excursion, so we decided we may as well sleep there. Thankfully, the bedding was in the cupboards...and we went to sleep in our concert clothes. When I awoke this morning, I had a fuzzy teeth...and fuzzy eyes. Without my usual routine, I had forgotten to remove my contacts...so they slept with me for the first time ever. So that is how it came about that we camped in our own backyard! And let's just say that won't ever happen again.

I've been helping a friend edit digital photos this morning...and now it's time to get on with my day!


  1. Oh no! How funny! Nothing like a little unexpected adventure.

    I love Anne Murray and I am shocked that she is ending her singing career??? She's way too young for that, isn't she? What a smooth, mellow voice she has. I remember first seeing her on the Glen Campbell show eons ago. I've got to stop revealing all that I remember in your comments. I am really tipping my hand. LOL!

    The quilt is going to be beautiful. I know that photography isn't allowed at the quilt shows that I've attended, but I didn't realize that that was the case at a quilting store. My! My!

  2. What an interesting day you had! I love Anne Murray's voice, too bad she's ending her career.
    Quilt shops are weird that way..
    You will show us the quilt when you're done, right Judy?

  3. It always amazes me how the day starts out and you have no idea what surprises lay ahead. Too bad you didn't take the motor home into the big city .. . then at least you could have had an offical get away.
    Oh your embroidery squares are so pretty. So perfect for a little quilt.
    I didn't know either that anne murray was retiring. I've always loved her voice.

  4. Judy ...you are such a delight..What a day...I love the Bunnys and the quilt is going to be just adorable...How fun to camp out in the back yard...I suppose you were a bit discombobulated when the garage door didn't open...How wonderful to see Anne Murray...I have always loved her music..You are such a busy lady...What a fun post!

  5. ah! At least you had the motor home around! Too funny :)

    The quilt looks like it will be so cute and warm!

    Loved the photos of the kiddies at the beach; they are so adorable!

  6. Oh my, what an adventure...all the way through! Good for you that you got to see Anne. She has the most lovely voice doesn't she...I can hear her now as I type this here.

    what a hoot, sleeping in the camper overnight...and how romantic. It makes me laugh to think of you coming home after a long day and then....being locked out...like two tardy children past their curfew eh? Out at that 'concert'!!

    Wonder what Timmie's you stopped at....there is always one handy isn't there.

  7. Well, of course I know who Anne Murray is. She has always been a favorite with her clear and lovely voice. And, she always sings such wonderful songs.

    It seems you made the best of your locked house issue. I'm glad you had your very own solution on site.

  8. I absolutely know who Anne Murray is! I've loved her ever since way back when... Snowbird was the first one I think I heard. Love, love, love her! Sorry to hear she is retiring, but it well deserved.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson