Thursday, May 15, 2008

not always lovely...

Here's the thing about blogging...while I want to be totally honest and portray an accurate picture of life in my part of the world, I tend to want to share only those things that are beautiful. Not today...I'm showing you the flip-side!

As I went for my walk yesterday, I was thinking about all the ugliness that I walk by every day that you would never know about...the things I never photograph. Well...I had my camera along, so I took a few pic's of those those things I usually try to overlook.

Ugly hydro can actually hear the buzz of the high voltage lines from a distance.

A machinery graveyard which will only disappear when it is totally enveloped in weeds and brush... to a yard where the free-range blackberries are taking over.

And right close to home, I pass by another farmyard junk pile...

...and a cedar hedge that has struggled for several years and is losing the battle.

So you see...things aren't always as they appear on a blog. We can paint the picture in the way we want you to see it...and leave out the rest. I like to focus on that which is 'lovely and of good report' rather than the mess and the unpleasant things that are all around me.

Having said that, I must end on a brighter note this morning! The sun is on it's way...we are in for a May hot spell. The grey skies will soon be a distant memory...

...and I'll be back to painting brighter pictures for you all!

I'm off to haul all the patio furniture outside for the summer...I'm believing the weatherman!

Have a wonderful day,


  1. Well, maybe the not so beautiful makes us appreciate the beautiful even more.

  2. Judy, I think that is why we all enjoy blogging so much .. .we focus on the lovely .. .
    In doing that we smile and find encouragement and often it changes our outlook for the day. I have however often thought about posting the ugly things in my neighborhood. . .maybe we should all devote a day to do that. . you could host it. . give us a day or two warning, use mr. linky and then we could have unlovely things in our neighborhood day. . .

  3. Judy...this is true...some negatives out there...I seem to look right past them most of the time...and focus on the positives. As I was reading your post...I couldn't help but think people are much that way..just let themselves go to ruin from neglect. The lesson here....give life your best...I don't want any weeds growing around my feet :)Thank you for such an inspiring post.....

  4. How unfortunate for your beautiful countryside. We have the same problems...our poor earth...what are we doing to it? But if everyone made a practice of picking up one piece of trash from the roadway, byways and gardens of the world, look how much litter would be as for the junk machinary!

  5. I loved your post today....I am such a realist so it was good to see the 'other' side of beautiful. Like reading a story or novel, we often skim past the uncomfortable or unsightly parts but it is those parts which magnifies the lovely. And we know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder anyway right? For instance, I absolutely loved the photo of the broken down farm was a black and white photo op in the waiting....

    Thanks the way...I have not yet been introduced to 'mr linky'?????? Help someone

  6. Hi Judy, I love this post! Many times I've passed up the ugly, which is all around me here, in favor of the best and loveliest to put on my blog.

    I like Lovella's idea about devoting a day to posting the ugly...if for no other reason than to let people know that we all do not live in the perfectly lovely worlds we show on our blogs!

  7. Yup, Blogdom is a beautiful world. We create so that others can enjoy a bit of calm and beauty. That's exactly why I posted that nasty photo of the kitty litter recycling center yesterday. :D

    There's a loveliness, though, in the unlovely. Think of the hydro towers as art!

    Hope that you're having a wonderful weekend!

  8. I can relate to those photos so well I thought you were in Australia. Thanks for sharing.


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