Friday, May 30, 2008

the colour purple...

Although you won't find any purple in my closet...'s my favorite colour out in the gardens at this time of the year!

I believe the tree is an Empress reminds me of the jacaranda.

From the blooming chives in my herb garden... the irises

and rhododendrons...

...the wisteria the fragrant blossoms of the heliotrope

...the lilac in myriad shades of mauve

and lavender...
the colour purple is perfect in the garden!

Hubby, on the other hand, has mostly been enjoying
the colour red lately.

He has spent a good deal of time perched on his tractor...
working at getting the last of the corn planted this week.

There's one field left to go...
and if those grey skies don't produce rain...
the planting will be done before June first.


  1. I would say that the yield for both of you is and will be plentiful.

    Your flowers are beautiful.

  2. Ahhh, we have two flowers in commone thesed days...lilac and chive blossoms. ;D

    Yes, I resize all photos all the time. They upload much more quickly to places such as Shutterfly where I often have prints done or they load up more quickly to disks or my memory stick. Also, they use up much less space on the computer. Yes, it's a chore, but I try to save only the very best ones and let the rest go. We have sooooo many pics these days, don't we?!

  3. commone? thesed? Good heavens!

  4. Too bad we don't also get the aroma over computer. Thanks for taking the time to send us these gorgeous 'purple' flowers. Hi to hubby.

  5. Ah .. .the tractor in the field. . .There isn't a big old barn in the middle of that field is there?

    I so agree with the purple in the flower department. . come peek tomorrow for my saturday collage. I just love purple. . .where we differ is that I love to wear it as well. I wore deep purple to our oldest sons wedding. .

  6. Isn't purple beautiful if it's not in your closet?
    Our rhodo's are in full bloom.
    Although red is an amazing complement to purple.
    Looks like the skies will hold for the weekend.

  7. Hi Judy,
    Thanks for visiting and commenting. Come on down and put your feet up!

    I especially love the purple lavender (that sounds odd, huh? purple lavender--it's redundant!). Lavender and roses are my favorite flowers!

  8. Love purple flowers..thanks for sharing yours, Judy.
    I don't have that color in my closet either.

  9. The flowers are gorgeous..all shades of purple....

    Cute little red tractor :)

  10. I've finally learned to incorportate yellows and pinks, reds and whites into my flowers...someone mentioned how odd I was to only have purple and asked me if I thought I descended from anwser, "why of Father is a King" lol...God was proud of that answer!

  11. Heavenly! Purple is my favorite color and it looks so beautiful on all those flowers.

  12. Your purple flower photos are beautiful! Oh, what fun it would be to see mountains in the distance while driving tractor in the field!

  13. Judy, what beautiful colors you saved for this post! all those shades of purple, lavendar, etc. That tree does look a lot like a jacaranda.

  14. mmm, I can almost smell them. I miss the spring of BC, all the flowers coming up suddenly, and how everyone takes advantage of good weather (when we get it). Out here, the weather is definitely taken for granted and people seem to prefer the native plants, which are hardy, but not so bright and interesting. Plus with all the water restrictions, most people can't have gardens anymore.


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