Friday, May 9, 2008

my mother's garden....

In search of my of my mother's garden,
I found my own!
Alice Walker

The bleak gardens of winter have once again burst into colour...and how nice to be able to run outside and find some flowers to bring in!
As I snipped these blooms yesterday, I couldn't help but think of my mom...and my mother-in-law. Both of them had beautiful flower gardens...and the flowers that I cut were from plants which originally came from them.
The yellow 'daisy-like' flowers were from my mom...and came from her mother before that! I have no idea what they are called, but they are among the first to bloom every spring.
The little blue stems were from my mom-in-law's garden...and the bleeding heart was a plant she gave me as a gift a long time ago. She loved 'bleeding hearts'...and once she no longer had a garden of her own, I was sure to bring her a bouquet every spring.
I have one flower bed that I call my heritage garden...peonies, irises, bleeding hearts and daisies from our mothers. My garden will never look like those beautiful ones I remember...but I so enjoy that a bit of each of our mother's gardens blooms on every spring!
Remembering mom,


  1. Judy, I feel just as you do this morning. I picked a bouquet of bleeding hearts the other day. . .and a small bunch of lilacs and thought of my mom. She had a row of spring flowering bushes that always remind me of her.
    I always call those yellow daisies marguerites. I may be wrong about that though.
    Have a blessed weekend.

  2. Judy, your post is so filled with love. I am so glad that you have your flowers and memories to treasure. I feel certain they would appreciate the beauty.

  3. Judy...that is one of the nicest have a flower garden continue on from generation to generation..And...they are blooming on Mother's day..They are so beautiful...

  4. jduy what a beautiful sentiment, these flowers are an on going gift from your mothers, fresh,new, and a gentle reminder of their love for your.....i am touched
    they are beautiful by the way

  5. I love those yellow flowers, cheery. My mother had a beautiful wildflower garden, she was so busy on the farm and I guess wild flowers were the simplest to grow and didn't need much care.
    Happy Mother's Day!

  6. My, what a wonderful natural way for a living memory. Beautiful Judy. And yes, like someone else already said, Happy Mother's Day.

  7. Your beautiful garden is the perfect tribute to two beautiful moms. They can't be far from your thoughts with their gift of flowers all about. I was moved by this wonderful post and am realizing, once again, how blessed I am to have my mother and my grandmother still with me.

    (Thanks, too, for the little reminder on your sidebar. It'll help me remember to pray every time I visit.)

  8. Really lovely Judy...the woman in our lives means so much. When I lost my mom when I was 33 I had no idea just how much. How much she had poured into me, and how much I had gleaned till the years kept moving on. Now it is my job, and one I treasure dearly, to pass down to my daughters the rich inheritance of all that has gone on before them, especially the lives of the women in our family that have testified to our faith in Him.

    I love your Heritage Garden. Flowers impact me that way too. I grow gladiola as a memorial of my grandmother’s garden, and peonies for my moms.


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson