Monday, May 12, 2008

lellow...a place for modern moms

It was Mother's Day...and a carefree one at that! A little sunshine would have made the day even better...but there are a few things we can't plan. I spent my day doing exactly what I wanted to...going for a walk, going to church, having lunch with my favorite man at my favorite spot (that would be the bar in my kitchen)...a little sewing, a little reading, a little game of Rook...and then a tea party with my family towards evening.
Now this was no ordinary party...but for the first time ever we had a family gathering at Lellow....a modern shop for kids.

Their back room is set up for hosting baby showers, and Heidi thought it would be the perfect spot for hosting a Mother's Day tea....and so it was!

The kids had a riot...they tried out toys from around the world...and did a little shopping.

Spencer found some shoes she wanted (the answer is "no")...

...and Ryder found a monkey that he quite liked.

Once she had her plate cleaned off, Emme modeled hats for us...cute summer hats made by a local gal who lives in my neighbourhood.

It was a fun time together...with one old mom...a few young moms...a mom to be...and all the little moms of tomorrow.

The dads thought the shower room was quite perfect...maybe would even work for a guys card night.

Mother's Day Tea at Lellow...maybe we'll do it again someday. And that's how traditions good idea at a time!


  1. What a wonderful idea to have a tea in a childrens boutique. How sweet of your daughter to organize and share her space with you and the family.
    It does sound like you had the perfect day.

  2. So much for bloglines telling me that your blog was up! I don't know about them.

    I know that I've told you that I love the name "Lello" but I'll tell you again.

    What a great new tradition! Heidi was very forward thinking to imagine a nice space for such events. Looks as if everyone had fun.

  3. How precious was that...I was right there with you Judy...I completely agree...a very sweet tradition to begin..

  4. Bloglines finally coming through... ;>

  5. It sounds like the perfect day for you. What a great place and a great idea. I'm glad you enjoyed Mother's Day.

  6. Oh Judy what a wonderful day you had. It looks just lovely as do the kids! So glad it was so grand!

  7. Th word 'lellow' always makes me smile as my grandaugher pronounced yellow like that for a long time.
    And as did many others I'm sure! It sounds so cute out of those 'little mouths'.
    Mother's Day Tea..what a fantastic idea!
    I had a wonderful Mother's Day as well, I feel truly blessed.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson