Saturday, May 24, 2008

no longer seeing red...

Like I said yesterday…time changes things! Sometimes, with little or no effort on our part…things seem to improve all on their own.

I just have to give you an update on the John Deere situation over here. I decided I better mow the lawn once again before the load was too heavy. I’m just here to report that all went well…and in one hour the job was done.

As you can see, I managed to get all the clippings in my little trailer this time…oh yes, and the sun is shining…and it's all good! I’ve been told that if I mowed a little more often, the JD mower would thank me. This mowing lawn all the time really cuts into my schedule. Sigh!

So, Marg…maybe we can postpone the shopping trip until next season. Or maybe we could just go shopping for something besides green and yellow toys!

Have a wonderful weekend...


  1. is good!
    Enjoy your weekend, Judy.

  2. I agree with betty. . life is good. . .I'm seeing red at my place. . .snicker.

  3. So Judy, what about the battery, are you still having to jump up and down on the seat to start the John Deere? I still have these hillarious visions in my mind.

    Loved the update of the homes yesterday, also the picture of the 'train coming down the track.'

  4. What? No new tractor? Well shoot! I was hoping we'd get a vote. ;>

    It's a lot easier on the pocketbook, I'm sure. Every year that we can get a mower through to the next year is a good one.

  5. Hi Judy..Wow I love your dogwoods are just beautiful.....and...I'm happy for you the lawn is looks fantastic! Have a beautiful weekend...

  6. oh dear Judy...i have no right to complain...with my little electric B & D and a tiny tiny yard in comparison! Wow....but your mower looks like more fun. I just got in from 1 1/2 hour of total back and front yard mowing and trimming so you can see it isn't much. (My landscaper did not show up AGAIN!!!!!) I think I will have to fire m 5th yardman!

    hey.....those aren't the Golden Ears are they? Couldn't be....but I am guessing that I am far to the west of those mountains...right? Do I have my compass set straight?

  7. Your new banner is gorgeous.

    I can't imagine having such an incredible view while mowing the lawn. It is so beautiful where you live.

  8. I'm up to anything else than cutting lawns all summer long. My specialist has also told me that lawns need to be cut every 4-5 days for maximum efficiency. I don't even clean my house that often.
    Love your banner.

  9. Wow Judy that is some front yard you have. I can certianly see why the John Deere is a must. Your home looks so beautiful sitting on that geen carpet.

    I had to crack up over these two posts, because we are talking about what kind of mower to purchase for our place in MT. And John Deere is on the top of my hubby's list. I need one of those trailer's too attached to the back. I think it looks like great fun driving that thing around. HA!

    Your view of the mountains in one of your photo's is just gorgeous!!

  10. Judy..I too LOVE your header ! Pink dogwood is my favorite!!

    I don't know how sitting down on the job with the sun and amazing views around you, can be called WORK !!! smile


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