Tuesday, May 13, 2008

winning isn't everything!

It's ball season once again! Yahoo...that spells warm nights (we're still waiting for those!) at the ball park, with friends and family. It used to mean lots of ball practises...and many runs around those bases. But I'm better off in the bleachers these days...I can hoot and holler with the best of them.

I played ball for more years than I can mention...toting my young children along to many ball parks.
I happened to play for one of the winningest teams in the women's league...L&M Mini-Mart was a formidable foe! (The name left a little to be desired...but they were wonderful sponsors.) And what fun it was to play with two of my sisters, and a bunch of friends. It felt great to win...but not at all costs.

There are more important aspects to the game than winning...like how you feel about yourself when the game is over. I was reminded of that very thing last week when I saw this softball story on the news.

Sportsmanship and kindness took the upper hand to winning in Central Washington recently...watch the story for yourself and be inspired by these young gals who did the right thing. Sara Tucholsky hit a home run, only to blow out her knee at first base...and two members from the opposing team carried her around the bases so she could score the run.

I'm not planning to play ball this season (unless I happen to show up at the ball park to cheer...only to be persuaded once more by my son that I really need to fill that hole out there until the regular player shows up!). But I'm looking forward to watching lots of ball...here, there and everywhere. We just got tickets for a New York Yankees vs. Seattle Mariners game in September...

...and are planning to watch our own Vancouver Canadians play at Nat Bailey Stadium sometime over the summer. And I'll be rooting for my team...but I know that winning isn't everything!


  1. Terribly funny Judy. . .I was always terrified to play baseball .. I always ducked instead of trying to catch the ball. I so admire athletic women.
    The fun thing about this is. . that yes I enjoy watching baseball and we have gone with our friends to watch the games across the line. You would have so much fun with them, they plan trips around baseball stadiums. . .

  2. I played many games of softball as a young woman! It was so much fun! I started out on the "champion" team in our league and then stupidly moved to a team formed by the bank I worked for. We didn't win so much! LOL! But we had fun!! I'll think of you when the Yankees play the Mariners! I'll know someone in the stands! LOL!


  3. Hahahahaha...I can see you on the ball field very easily. That was a wonderful story about the gal being carried around the bases by the other team. Love it!

    Hope that you will participate in LaTeaDah's event this week! I'm very intrigued by your Nova Scotia story.

  4. how touching....that these girls carried the injured player .........wow,by the other team yet.
    there is alife lesson there.

  5. I watched the video..how neat is that?
    So Judy what position did you play on the team?
    I used to play ball in school till Grade 8, played 3rd base and field but wasn't really great at either. hehe

  6. Betty...I played first or third base for the most part. But we won because we had the best pitcher...that would be my sister, Mary Ellen. The coach was not bad either...my brother-in-law, Ron. When I no longer played women's ball, I played mixed two-pitch for many years (with hubby and two sons). Now I'm almost ready for wheelchair softball!!! My dad carved me a baseball bat out of one of my mom's bean poles when I was four years old...and I've loved the game ever since.

  7. Oh Judy, I just love that you are a baseball fan and player. Of course you would be.....

    Do you really go to Nat Stadium to watch ball? So cool.....

  8. I love the bond that sports can form not only with the players, but with the fans as well.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson