Wednesday, May 7, 2008


September 18th Update...
Karen completed the last of sixteen radiation treatments today....and has only missed four days of work during this time. She is grateful for the support of family, friends and those in her work place. Thanks for your continued prayers on her behalf.

August 20th Update...
Karen's radiation treatments (scheduled to begin around August 11th) have been postponed...are now slated to begin at the new cancer treatment centre in Abbotsford the last week of August. She is hoping to schedule the treatments for the afternoon and work mornings once the school year begins. She would like our prayers...for protection from the damaging effects of the radiation and also that she can sleep at night.

July 26th Update...
Our appointment with the radiation oncologist on July 10th was very positive. The doctor was a young woman with a focus on patient education - a good communicator. There's a longer wait list than usual for treatments because staff have been sent from the Surrey clinic to set up the new cancer center in Abbotsford to be opened on August 24th. The Surrey clinic called again this week with an appointment time for July 30th for the CT simulator test (specialized xray of the breast) in preparation for the radiation treatments. They estimate treatments to begin as early as August 11th. They will continue for sixteen week days, so I hopefully will be able to begin work on September 3rd or so. I was hoping to be available on September 2nd, the first day of school, but will have to be happy for a bit later than that. Apparently, the fatigue generally sets in during the third week and week after therapy.

Thanks again for your concern and prayer support. Karen

July 5th Update...
I finally heard again from the Surrey Cancer Clinic this week. My appointment with the radiation oncologist is set for July 10th. I’ll be assessed, then will be given a schedule for radiation therapy to begin two or three weeks afterwards. The therapy sessions will last from 3 to 5 weeks. There is also a possibility that I’ll be assigned to a study which involves two treatments a day for only one week. I am hoping to be back to work in September. I am also praying that Jack and I will be able to get away somewhere for a week before school starts. Karen

June 25th Update...

After much time spent waiting to see specialists and waiting for recommendations as to course of treatment...Karen has made the decision to proceed with radiation therapy. At this point in time, she is still waiting for her initial meeting with the radiation there is no treatment schedule in place as yet. Please keep her in your prayers...the waiting is very difficult and she is looking forward to a treatment schedule, so that she and Jack can make their plans for the summer.

I first met Karen nearly twenty years ago, when our daughters sang together in the Pacific Mennonite Children's Choir. We were both involved in carpooling to rehearsals and fundraising for the choir tours. A few years later, we worked together on a committee that helped organize the first dry-grad in our community. Soon our children were grown...but Karen and I became friends and have met for coffee on occasion throughout the ensuing years.

Karen raised her two wonderful children as a single parent, and last summer it was a thrill for me to be a part of her marriage to 'the man of her dreams'. She knew without a doubt that he was the one God had in mind for her. I was so happy for her...she now had someone to share life with!

It's been a busy year for them as they combined two households and disposed of Jack's home in another community...but before they could truly settle down, Karen discovered that she had breast cancer. At this point, she has undergone two surgeries...and is still awaiting word as to what her options are and what the implications of each type of treatment will be.

Karen was over yesterday morning and we spent a little time editing digital photos...we also chatted about life. She said it was OK to tell her story...and would appreciate your prayers on her behalf.

Remember her as she faces all these uncertainties in life...pray that the cancer can be conquered and that she will have peace as she continues to trust God each step of the way.


  1. Karen is certainly on my prayer list. Could you pop her photo into your sidebar or a little reminder, too? Sometimes life just has so many twists and turns. I know that God has not brought the man of her dreams only to fail her now.

    Were you able to teach her a few of your photo tricks?

  2. Definitely on my prayer list too. Keep us updated and let her know your many friends are behind her in prayer.

  3. So sorry to hear about Karen. Not sure if she remembers me, I remember having some phone conversations with her at work since she worked for the same co.! And, I worked with her daughterinlaw as well. Wish her all the best from me and I will pray for her! Dot

  4. Sorry to hear about Karen..will pray for her!

  5. My love and prayers for her continue. She has been a very special friend. Martha

  6. Oh wow, we just never know. I feel for your friend Karen.
    My sis in law has successfully just finished all her chemo for breast cancer and is doing so well.
    I pray that Karen will take courage and feel tremendous love and support during the next months.

  7. I pray that she finds healing has already occurred. I have a friend suffering with the same thing, I will remember both of them.

  8. Tell Karen our prayers are with her and for her and that I truely feel that God wouldn't bring you to it if He didn't intend to bring you through it.

  9. Judy, your friend Karen is a very lovely lady, and she will be in my prayers.

    As a daughter, I have been through this with my mother, who is now with the Lord, dancing in freedom before her heavenly Father.

    Thank you for sharing Karen's story.

  10. Oh, Judy. Reading this gave me chills, and, of course I will pray earnestly for Karen.

    I am so grateful God brought this wonderful man into her life. God certainly provides for our needs.

    You are such a good friend to her.

  11. Karen sounds like an amazing woman. I will pray for her this morning.

    The pictures on your blog are all so beautiful and peaceful. I enjoyed reading your older posts and looking at your pictures.

    I found your blog from a friends.

  12. What a beautiful young lady..So sad to hear her struggle with this dreadful disease. She is lucky to have a Christian friend like you Judy...I've said a little prayer for her this morning.

  13. I use to work with Karen at ECU. When she got engaged she wanted to have a peek at some wedding decor I had and we had a brief catch up with each other at that time. I will be praying for Karen as God puts her on my heart. She is a sweet and gentle gal! My prayers join with many others for you Karen, and your family. Kathy

  14. I'm enjoying catching up to your posts and discovered this one.
    It's unbelievable what Karen has been through. Her strong faith in God will give her the peace that she will need. Thanks for the info and I will keep her in my prayers. I've worked with her also on the PAC Committees.

  15. Praying for healing, for strength, for peace and for joy against adversity.
    And a little request: Could you perhaps change the title to "Pray for Karen"?..

  16. We three girls with our beating hearts, send Karen more hope, more prayers and more love than she could ever hope for.

    Karen's life and story is like a wonderful piece of art being viewed and admired by many. With every new brush stroke added daily to the canvas, a beautiful new painting emerges. We will continue to follow your creation.

    Libby, Barb & Mallory

  17. I just caught up with Karen...thanks so much for the updates. Continued prayers and wishes for a good August.

  18. Just wondering if Karen's treatments were begun this past week...keeping her in prayer.

  19. I was walking at the river with my daughter and grands on Sunday evening and we met Karen and her hubby enjoying a walk. It was so good to see you Karen. You looked fabulous! I was so delighted to see you and am glad to hear that your treatments are over. Praising God with you and I will continue to uphold you in prayer. Your sweetness pours through you! Kathy

  20. Oh I wish that I had checked sooner. So glad that Karen is past this last round of treatments. She continues to be in my prayers.


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