Thursday, May 22, 2008

teapot thursday....

As I was preparing tea last night (that can only mean we had guests)...I was thinking that I do really quite like my teapot.
And since Gracious Hospitality is hosting a 'favorite teapot' event this week...I'll share it with you today...along my other favorites. I own three teapots...and they are all treasures, or I wouldn't have them.
The first one is part of my first ever china set...which I have had since the ripe old age of four. It is packed away for the most part...and comes out only on special occasions when I have a tea party with my granddaughters.

As a teenager, my mom encouraged my sister and I to each pick out a pattern of fine china, so that she could start buying us the occasional piece as gifts. I guess neither of us are too flamboyant, as we chose very basic pieces...hers was Chantilly (white with silver trim) and mine was Val'Dor (white with gold trim). I've never regretted my choice, since white dishes are always in style...and match with everything.

The teapot for my Royal Albert set has always been a it was a wedding gift from a special uncle and aunt. Uncle Dave and Aunt Justina live in Winnipegosis, Manitoba...and have made the trek out to B.C. for more special occasions than I can recall. They are actually celebrating their 50th anniversary this summer...and for the first time ever, we are planning to travel to their fair town for the celebrations.

A few years ago, I thought I would increase my bone china dinner service to twelve place servings, so I could properly set the table for large dinner parties. After doing a little price checking, I abandoned (maybe postponed) that plan, in favour of an entire new set of Martha Stewart dishes called Chantilly an ivory colour. They were being discontinued, and I got my twelve place settings for far less than one setting of the bone china. I found a few odd serving dishes to go with my new set...but no teapot. One day I happened upon a line of china at a local country decor boutique which matched my dishes beautifully...

...and had a tea pot. It is part of a set called Cream I've added the teapot, cream & sugar, salt & pepper...and lots of decor items. Oh yes...and beautiful coffee mugs...since my original set had only teacups (not really my cup-of-tea).

Last night we had strawberry shortcake on Chantilly Lace dishes...and Earl Grey tea served in my Cream Lace teapot. (And a few of us had coffee!)

So that is the tale of my three favourite teapots! Others have come and gone over the years...but these three remain.


  1. A lovely post, Judy. You have three very special teapots! I love how two of them are white, without colored decor, and will serve nicely for so many themes and table-settings. Your new white dishes are a perfect example of this --- how nicely they go! And I love your little moss roses tea set. You started collecting those pieces very young; what a special legacy. Thank you so much for sharing. . .a sweet post.


  2. Gorgeous pieces, Judy! I used to collect tea pots and had some lovely pieces. Then one day an overzealous dog with a very long, very strong tale wiped out most of my collection! *sigh* My fault for having them placed on a table that was so accessible to that dang tale! : )
    Thank you for sharing your teapots!


  3. Judy, I got a tea set when I was a little girl that looks exactly like yours. I always loved mine.

    And, I love your Cream Lace.

  4. Well, darn. That last post is me. My fingers were ahead of my brain.

  5. Beautiful dishes and yes tea pots too! I don't collect them but like looking at them! You sure do have some pretty ones, Judy and of course a story that goes with it is always precious.
    I'm back from my little holiday..was good to catch up with family news!

  6. Wow! For a coffee lover, you sure do have some exquisite teapots. I love the chantilly lace one and the one you chose as a young lady has certainly stood the test of time...not necessarily THAT much time, but you know what I mean. I hope. Otherwise, I'm just digging myself a hole here.

    I love that you've joined us! Next time, you'll have to get in on the ground floor. You have so much to share!

  7. I'm not a tea drinker but I was beginning to see double. Then I realized that you had shown some of your dishes on a earlier post.
    I did catch that immediately.
    I prefer a Misto at Starbucks with you.

  8. Very pretty tea pots! I don't have an all white tea pot, but these are making me want one!


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  10. Your tea settings are delightful..
    Now and then we just need to have a set down and relax with a nice Earl Grey...a sweet post Judy...

  11. What lovely teapots you have! I love all of them and enjoyed hearing where they came from. Thanks for sharing!

  12. My lace teapot is almost identical to yours. But I see you also have the creamer and sugar. That is great. I love having an all white teapot as I know you do too! Have a great weekend.

  13. Judy, I really enjoyed reading this....and I love your teapots! How wonderful to have a mother who thought that far ahead to your future china pattern! I am inspired to keep on looking for a teapot set for myself (I've never owned one)....the ones I really like are all much more expensive than I feel I can justify spending...but I see that very pretty ones can be found out there...yours are so lovely.

  14. Beautiful tea things Judy. I really love all the white and the patterned ones too. Enjoy your tea...

  15. You have beautiful teapots. I'm partial to the cream one. I really like your mom's idea of starting your china collection. I've never had china, but I do have a daughter who loves all aspects of entertaining, cooking, and decorating. I think I might follow your mom's lead and get her china collection started!


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