Thursday, May 29, 2008

on this day in history...

May 29, 1948

William Baerg


Helen Isaak

were united in Holy Matrimony


East Aldergrove M.B. Church

And that, my friends, would be sixty years ago today that my parents were married. They were married on a Saturday...and moved right into a brand new home in the Greendale area. Two days later the dikes along the river broke...and the mighty Fraser River had free rein in this valley. We may not normally have tornadoes, but every year we fear the flooding of our river! Their new home was under water...and their community was accessible only by boat. And so started a marriage that lasted through sickness and health...for better or worse...for richer and long as they both lived. My mom passed away suddenly eight years ago...but until that time my parents enjoyed a good life together. So on May 29th I like to remember the marriage of my parents...and the example they set for us as children...and for all the good things we have enjoyed in this life because of mom and dad.

I cut a bouquet of peonies...from plants that were once growing in my mother's garden...and I placed them in a vase that was once in my mother's cabinet. As I set the vase on a table runner that my mom crocheted...

I remember and am thankful for the vows that were made 60 years ago today...
and kept faithfully for all those years.


  1. A lovely way to honor the day...

    How will your father spend this day?

  2. Enjoy your day of remembering, Judy..your parents have left a great legacy!
    Beautiful peonies..

  3. A lovely tribute to Mom & Dad. I was thinking of them and was quite sure you would post something related. A few tears of emotion now and then do us good, right? We have the Lord to thank for a wonderful heritage! And the biggest blessing of all is that each of us kids decided to embrace the faith of our parents and pass it on.

  4. Judy, this just gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes. Your remembrance is just lovely. A very special occasion to honor.

  5. It is lovely to remember our parents, all that they taught us, and the legacy that they left us - a strong family, love of God, love and committment for each other, and for their families, and for their community. My sister and I talked yesterday, about these things, and how we miss them so. As Bev said, you have a few tears of emotion, but also a sense of peace that things are as they should be, and the world is alright with you. God bless you on this day, Judy, and thank you for sharing. Dairymary

  6. It is a very thoughtful tribute to your parents. Your Mom and Mine were good friends. It is so interesting how they both slipped from us just weeks apart.
    I appreciate your blogs and the reminders of family and loved ones in our lives.
    I think I will do soemthing special too on my parents anniversary. Bernice D.

  7. How interesting that they were married and thrown into such a big local disaster. Marriages were made of tough stuff back then. What a wonderful legacy they gave you. Having the peony bush still living is wonderful.

  8. You have a way of giving us so much insight into your family.
    I love your heritage garden, and today you posted those beautiful peonies from your mom's garden.
    She will be so happy that you have interest in the same things and that doilie....WOW way to go!!

  9. Judy, you have such a sweet spirit. What stories your parents must have been able to relate to you children. It is those stories, memories and examples which made (make) our parents more real to us. Unfortunately most marriages these days don't seem to stand the test of time or hardships. Interesting theme I am picking up from bloggers over the past few days...that of relationships and the depth beyond the first 'blush'...comittment etc. Your parents were comitted...from the get go it ride out all types of stormy weather it seems.

    How wonderful to remember them this way Judy. They did set a good example for you and your family.

  10. ....The photo, the flowers, the table runner....all tell me a lot about your sweet caring heart Judy...a precious way to honor your parents...have a wonderful day ...Dee Dee

  11. Beautiful people, beautiful decor, beautiful memories. Thanks for sharing.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson