Thursday, September 4, 2008

hydrangea heaven...

Hydrangeas happen to be one of my favorite I have many hydrangea bushes in different colours in my garden to keep me happy!

There are several shades of blue...purples...and pinks.

This wee little pink bush sits outside my kitchen was given to us by friends in memory of our little "visitor from heaven" last spring. I planted it out and it didn't look too happy at first, but is sending out some beautiful blooms for fall.

My favorite hydrangea of those in my garden is the 'limelight'...a fairly new variety that is extremely hardy.

It starts off white...then has a lime green colour tinge until fall...

...and suddenly the blooms turn pink and green. The flower heads are fairly large, and look great in the garden or in cut bouquets...or in dried arrangements for those bleak winter months.

I have them all over the house...and they are always ready for a quick pick to take to a friend. I stocked up on vases before summer, so taking fresh cut flowers is a simple matter.

Hydrangeas seem to last just fine as cut flowers once they are fully developed...wilting can be a problem at the beginning of the season. We were a little nervous about delivering hydrangeas to Manitoba for a July wedding...when they had to be cut four days in advance. We dipped all the cut stems in alum powder (which apparently prevents them from wilting) before putting them in water...and the hydrangeas looked good as new at the wedding.

I rather like the quote, "The earth laughs in flowers"...and I'm quite happy to have my garden laughing in hydrangeas.

We have sunshine and fog this morning...and the smell of freshly mowed hay...and I have a good cup of coffee and I am ready to meet the day.


  1. Judy,
    These are my favorite too. My grandmother grew huge bushes of blue ones. While yours look like heaven, well, lets just day mine burned up this summer and leave it at that! Alas, another dead plant in my garden of weedin'!

  2. I love hydrangeas but haven't planted any yet. I must do that..I love the ones that turn pink and green, how pretty!

  3. Judy, I am looking down on your fog..We have beautiful sunshine here up higher-- so hold on..the fog will lift to reveal a beautiful day !!
    i love hydraneas too. I planted a new one this year that is a soft purple shade - I heard that hydraneas only come in one color..the chemicals in the soil make the variations??
    Your hydraneas are beautiful as are your photos of them!!

  4. Your hydrangea's are all so beautiful Judy! I have two bushes in my small front yard (which does have soil unlike my backyard)
    I dry some for the winter too!
    I never hear that about alum powder! Good tip! Thanks!

    I didn't know you when you lost your grand daughter -- so sorry to read about that sadness, and that beautiful poem brought terars to my eyes. I know she is safe in Jesus' arms.
    Hugs, Pat

  5. Thanks for the hints about hydrangeas.
    I have several also, but they always seemed to will on me.
    Can you bring some alum along?

  6. those are stunning flowers, i love them. i also love foggy days.
    i also didn't know about little Hannah, so sorry for your loss, no matter how little there is so much love....

  7. You have incredible hydrangea bushes. . they are wonderful. I have planted blue but they always turn to fushia and purple. . I must plant a white one. . gorgeous.

  8. Beautiful hydrangeas. I was just driving by a neighbor's hydrangea bush and wondering what I could do to entice her into giving me a big bunch. :D Brownies? Money? Wish I lived closer to you because I know you'd share. ;>

  9. All of your hydrangeas are gorgeous. I am going to have to look for a limelight. That is so pretty how they change colors.

    Thanks for the tip on alum powder.

  10. Lovely.
    Wish mine would bloom.
    I love the cottage style garden and hydrangeas are a must.

    Still reading your blog.


  11. What beautiful hydrangeas! My mother's best friend always had lots of hydrangea bushes and her yard was gorgeous in the summer. I got to go by her house in Indiana last month and it brought back such wonderful memories. You must have a great yard! I wish I could drop by for a cup of coffee one of these days.

  12. What lovely photos of such gorgeous flowers! Thank you for the treat.

    I followed your link and was very sad to read that you lost a little granddaughter last spring. The beautiful flowers are a fitting memorial.


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson