Thursday, September 25, 2008

sweet autumn

Few clematis bloom at this time of the year, but my 'sweet autumn' is covered in thousands of tiny white fragrant blooms blooms...I know fall has arrived!

When most of the garden is slowing down for nice to have a plant that puts on a spectacular show! Now that my pink petunias are gone....and the winter pansies have arrived, I'm ready to do some fall decorating. It's time!

Another sign of fall...ladders and baskets under the apple tree (the neighbours tree, that is).

And in the kitchen everything is coming up apples! We've had applesauce, apple cake, apple fritters and apple pie.

The Italian prunes are nearing the end of the season...and I used the last of mine in galettes yesterday. Galettes are simple, rustic tarts...rather like a free-form pie without the top crust. I've made them with apples, peaches and plums...check out Betty's recipe here if you need a guide.

It may be cool and damp outside...but we've got the fire going...I'm wearing my slippers...sweet autumn is here!


  1. My fall Clematis fell to the Japanese Beetle...dratted insect! Thanks for sharing yours, Judy. That pastry looks absolutely delish! Wish I could share that, too. I love the fall...enjoy

  2. Scrumt-diddly-umptious pictures! And that galette is way too pretty for me to look at for long. I get some of my worst ideas looking at food. :D

    Enjoy your cozy day!

  3. Hi Judy - I've come via my friend Elizabethd's blog. Imagine my surprise to find your beautiful blog from so close to home! It's extra-interesting to read your blog this week, as I'm sitting in a hotel in Abbotsford, where I'm staying on business for the week. I drove past Bridal Falls on Monday and have been admiring the beautiful green countryside all week. I'll definitly save the names of some of the shops and points of interest in the valley for the next time I'm over.
    I usually blog from my home on the island, but have closed my blog for a very short time while my husband takes part in the municipal elections. I really miss blogging!
    Anyway, very nice to 'meet' you!

  4. Yummy, I'm up for that. I think I'll make one today for coffee time today with John's parents.
    I will use black berries.

  5. Sweet autumn is right, Judy..I love those tiny white flowers..gorgeous! And I am ready to make another galette..what fruit will I use this time??
    Have a beautiful autumn day!

  6. It's that kind of day isn't it? Baking zweiback for my cousins in Calgary .. auntie going home today.
    Your clematis looks wonderful and my clematis that blooms in spring is blooming too, as well as our magnolia. . funny fall.
    That galette looks just wonderful, have a wonderful day .. .

  7. That looks so yummy! Galettes here, in France, are a kind of sweet crepe with jam or fruit (or chocolate) filling.

    How nice that my friend Pondside found you.

  8. Such a beautiful clematis, I love fall too!

  9. Hi Judy, thanks for your visit today....I've been traveling lately...sooo busy these past couple of weeks, good to catch up on your most wonderful blog!!



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