Wednesday, September 24, 2008

valley corn...

We are famous for our corn in these parts...and as was I out and about yesterday, it was hard not to notice corn fields at every turn.

"The valleys stand so thick with corn that they laugh and sing." Those were the words running through my mind...they seemed appropriate.

Yesterday was a beautiful fall day...the low lying morning cloud disappeared and we enjoyed autumn in all it's splendour.

The yellow corn barns are still selling sweet corn throughout the community...and I've been a regular customer!

We've enjoyed Mexican Tomato Chowder this week...with fresh tomatoes, fresh corn and fresh herbs, it is one of my favorite soups. (I posted the recipe on the MGCC blog.)

Many corn fields will be around for awhile yet. With our lack of 'heat units' over the summer, most cattle corn is not yet ready for harvest. We are having our fields opened up today...and plan to harvest the field closest to the mountain. The bear have been busy harvesting there for the past few weeks, so we need to get it off as soon as possible.

It's September 24th...I'm off to pull out the petunias and plant some winter pansies. That's it for my news of the day.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Judy. . .we love your corn too. . it is the best. The pictures are so beautiful, I especially love the ones with the fog.
    What does it mean to open up the field? I know what it means to open up a barn. . .
    So .. by the end of the day you news for September 24 could be different .. you never know.

  2. Lovella...'opening up the cornfields' means to have someone with a self-propelled harvester cut the outside rounds. We would run down a few rows of corn if we drove in with our tractor and pull-type machine.

  3. We are still enjoying fresh corn here as well. I esp like the super sweet variety.
    Love your pics, Judy!

  4. Your photos are all lovely and that soups looks so good.

    I make a side dish with a mixture of sauteed onions,chopped tomatoes,black beans,fresh corn kernels and spices, that is so good too!

    Hugs, Pat

  5. Well've got corn and I need some of those corn tassles. On the Fourfiftythree blog there was instructions on how to make a wonderful easy wreath using the tassles...but no corn field around me at the moment. Maybe you could make me one and surprise me with it tomorrow morning when I leave for work (wink)

  6. Obviously we have the same activities planned. Thanks for the great advice. I picked them up for $5 a flat.
    I miss the corn season. It always reminded me of the change of season.


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