Tuesday, September 9, 2008

sick days and sunshine....

I was rather surprised to see a tiny ATV rolling across the fields yesterday morning. It definitely looked like Emme & Spencer's little quad...but they would be in school. And besides, they had never made the trek across the fields all own their own.
Then someone waved at me...and soon Emme pulled up to my back door. She explained that she was sick...and daddy had given her permission to come pay me a visit. Hmmm. I questioned her a little about her sickness...it seemed her stomach was being disagreeable, but she thought she was on the mend. So she came on in for a bit...and when it came time to go home, she was able to to start the ATV all on her own. What fun...and how nice to have sunshine on a sick day!

Since we now are enjoying some belated summer weather, I thought I'd quickly paint a little outdoor trim that I had been planning to do all summer. I noticed it looked rather pale as I applied the paint to my arbour pillars...but thought it would darken as it dried. By last night it was apparent I had used the wrong paint....what I thought was exterior trim was actually my inside trim colour! The job I was glad to finally have behind me...still remains to be done. And since it seems I have no exterior trim paint left, I must first make a trip to the paint shop. I guess I won't run out of things to do today.

The skies were an incredibly beautiful last night. It seems the sun is setting much too early these days...fall must be just around the corner.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. I think it is so cute how your grandchildren come to visit you on their ATVs. I hope Emme is feeling better today.

    Thanks for sharing the photo of the sky. Absolutely beautiful!!

  2. Oh boy. . .I recall having the kind of sick days that ended with miraculous healing shortly after the bus left .. I'm sure she really did have an upset and I'm so glad she felt well enough to come and visit. . so sweet.
    Oh Judy, I groaned when I read about your painting problems . .that is awful, so sad. . to redo . .perfectly fresh paint.
    Oh and your sunset picture is gorgeous, I tried to capture it from our farm but there are many trees, barns and phone wires that make it unsightly.

  3. That was a great sunset...
    I saw it while I was playing catch with Drift. He's the only one in our family besides me who likes to play ball.
    I love your quad story. So much fun to have a sick day, drive quad, and go to Grammies.
    I've got one of those painting projects waiting, so I'll be real careful while finding the old trims.
    I've got 25 bags to sew today....

  4. i remember lots of tummy aches during school, poor thing. how nice to have a gramma so close to cheer and mend her. what a sunset!!!God's love is just sprawled about the sky.
    that sucks...all that work and you have to paint all over again!!!
    my post has todays date on it, don't know why yours is haveing trouble.

  5. How special to have Emme come for a visit..even on a sick day!
    Argh..about that painting, not a favorite job at the best of times and then to have to do it over.

  6. Hey...I am taking a sick day myself. My ATV is in the shop (kidding) or I'd trundle over for some of that great home cooking I see on the blog.....grin. Have a great day...who is going to come over the fields today I wonder?

  7. What a great place to live at, where your grandkids can come to visit with the ATV! Wow! It`s great that you made pic``s. I love them. Beautiful sunset too!

  8. My grandkids have the flew this week too. moomy has had alot of cleaning up and luandry to do from the past 2 nights and days. Maybe it is in the air in our area? So sweet that Emme could find a little lovin' at Grammie's place. Oh the sunset! Yesterday that sky spoke volumes to my heart. Kathy

  9. Judy, hubby and I, too, noticed the beautiful sky, but I did not think to run for the camera. My grandson has his first day of kindergarten today, and his 2 year old brother was happy to have Grammy to talk to without his interference. However his most fun seemed to be running to another room with the phone so that Mommy, who had it on speakerphone, couldn't also talk. I could hear his happy giggles! Dairymary

  10. yes
    having problems with dates on blogger these past days so you are not alone in that Judy...oh well...go with the flow

  11. Your little Emme is adorable. That is so neat that she can ride the ATV and come see you. That's excellent that she has her helmet on. In SC they don't have to wear helmets, but my husband always does. I think it should always be the law. Safety is a wonderful thing :)

  12. Judy, what a delight that your grands live so close by. She is so cute driving that ATV. How old is she?

    Your photo of the sky is stunning. Well worth the effort of having a camera ready at all times.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  13. Oh, the joys of living in the country where children can safely ride to Grandmother's house on their ATV! Nothing soothes an upset tummy like time with grammie. Thanks for the beautiful sunset photo. You sure do live near heaven! ~Kathy

  14. Your grands mode of travel is a delight. I grin every time I see them arriving from across the field. That sunset is incredible!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson