Monday, September 22, 2008

Krazy Koffee Mania

A horse with a name like Krazy Koffee is bound to go places...and yesterday it did. And we were there to see it. Today Krazy Koffee is a local hero!

Over the past few months we have heard a lot about a local horse that was making it big at the horse races. The owners are friends of ours...and live about a mile from our place. Since we are far removed from the world of horse racing, we would just read about the horse in the local papers. Over the last few months, Krazy Koffee won a $50,000 purse in three separate races. Wow! Yesterday he was running in the big one at Hastings Park...the 63rd annual B.C. Derby.

Well, I may never have been to a horse race...know next to nothing about horses...know nothing about placing bets...but I sure know how to find a good party. We decided to join friends who were going out to cheer on the horse...and hopefully relish in the victory with the owners. And what a wonderful time we had!

Hastings Racecourse is a jewel of a park located just four kilometres from downtown Vancouver with a spectacular view of the North Shore mountains and Burrard Inlet.

Facing this grand stage, a large tiered grandstand provides great outdoor and indoor viewing options. Butch and Renate had booked box seats for their friends and family...

...and we had a great afternoon watching the races with a group of friends.

During the earlier afternoon races, we had a crash course about the world of horse racing. Race number nine was the big one...Krazy Koffee was running for a purse of $250,000. plus bonuses.

Prior to the race we went down to the paddocks where the horses were being warmed up...and there we caught our first glimpse of our local hero.

The trainer brought him out for all to see...

...and then we met the jockey in his bright orange jersey.

Soon it was time for the race to begin...and we all made our way back to the box seats.

If Butch was at all nervous about the race we were about to wouldn't have known it! This photo was taken moments before the start of the 2008 B.C. Derby race!

I have only one photo of the actual race...this is how things looked as they came around the first lap. The orange jersey (that would be Krazy Koffee) is in seventh place. After that things were too tense to be taking photos.

Krazy Koffee..sporting the number in the ninth race...pulled ahead for a big win in the ninth inning (hmmm...I don't think that's a horse racing term!). Today's paper says 'he was coming like a freight train, gobbling up the front of a roaring grand stand, winning by a length'. Things went a little crazy in our section after that!

Butch and Renate took all forty of us down to the winner's circle, where they were presented with the derby cup...

...and a blanket of fresh flowers for Krazy Koffee...and a bouquet of roses for Renate.

Butch, the trainer and the jockey couldn't be happier!

This was a dream come true for Butch, Renate and family!

As soon as the race was over, we saw a painter hard at work. Butch gets his Sunkist-orange-and-white colours painted on the infield stakes statue closest to the finish line....and there it will remain until next year's race.

We joined the family in the Sky Room for champagne all around. It really was an incredible feat! Krazy Koffee was the only B.C. bred horse in the race...and comes from a small stable out in the country. He was racing against horses from across the continent (many from Kentucky)...some who had flown in their own jockey. We were so glad we could share the moment.

Butch and Renate spontaneously arranged a dinner for all of us at a wonderful steakhouse near the racetrack. We celebrated their win...enjoyed a very fine dinner...and eventually all made our way back home to the country.

It was a special occasion...and we were so glad to be a part of it. Our congratulations to you, Butch and Renate!


  1. Wow Judy and Hubby, that is big time stuff!! What fun is that. Extra Extra special. You lucky ducks. You guys give so generously of yourselves to others, it is great to see that sometimes it comes back to you.

    I have never been at a horse race and in "the box" at that. The only time we have been in "the box" has been at Hockey games - where we have been served special food & drinks.

  2. Hi Judy

    Congratulations to Butch and Renate and Krazy Koffee!

    What a fantastic day you all had! I don't know much about horse racing myself, but I do know it's exciting to watch all the beauitful horses racing. Now, if I ever hear the name of this horse again, I'll know his history! I hope he goes on to win many more races!

    Hugs, Pat

  3. You described it all so well that my heart rate is up!

    (I know so little about horse racing, but I do love watching the sulkies race at the fairs. And, I LOVE the story of Seabiscuit...ha!)

    Congratulations to your friends on a wonderful victory!

  4. I don't know much about horse racing and have never been at such an event but I have heard of the horse Krazy Koffee..the name is catchy!
    Glad you had an awesome time with friends..I recognize another face in the 'box' besides yours Judy..

  5. WOW! My heart beat faster just reading your story! I can't imagine how wonderful it was for you to experience such a day! Thank you for sharing it with us. I'm sure it will be a day to remember forever! ~Kathy

  6. Judy . .. what a terribly fun day. . .I love that you were included in the festivities and were treated to a fine dinner afterwards. What a great race. . .I'll remember that name and will pay attention to horse racing just a wee bit more. .
    You maybe should have taken Heidi along. .she could have used some blood rushing excitement.

  7. What a great story...

    Krazy Koffee has incredibly long legs wonder he runs so fast!

    Not knowing anything about horses or horse racing (though I have been once to the races in Del Mar, California) doesn't keep me from imagining the excitement in the air and the huge thrill when Krazy Koffee won!

  8. What a wonderful day, Judy. I would have loved to have been there, too.

    Thanks for sharing such a great race.

  9. That was a great day. It was so much fun. You missed out on some details, that I might have to record at a later date.
    Great post and tribute to Butch and Renate and family.

  10. You never had Toscana soup?
    Another fun thing to do...

  11. Wow, that sounds really fun! "The Races" as everyone calls them here, are HUGE. I've never been either, but it looks like a lot of fun!

  12. What a great victory for Butch and Renata! We heard about the race on the radio, and read about it in the Vancouver Sun. It was a beautiful day to be watching this. Sounds like a fun time. Dairymary

  13. Wow! That looked like a wonderful way to support your friends and celebreate their big win. I have heard abit about Crazy Koffee though Betti. Congrats to Butch and Renata!

  14. Sounds like you had a great time. :)


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