Tuesday, September 23, 2008

MCC Relief Sale 2008

Over the weekend, I jumped at the chance to attend the annual MCC Relief Sale at the Tradex Centre in Abbotsford. I was in good company...lots of company!

The local MCC relief sale began thirty-nine years ago. I remember it well! My dad was on the first organizational committee...and I coerced many of my friends to volunteer their time at the sale that year. I recall counting the proceeds from the sale at my parent's dining room table in those early years. How it has grown from it's humble beginnings!

It is now the second largest function at the Tradex Centre...drawing over twenty-thousand people. Last year's sale raised over $600,000 for people in need around the world...one loaf of bread alone sold for $200,000. It is largely a community event that draws people in with the opportunity to buy Mennonite foods, crafts, some of the famous handcrafted quilts and to share in the spirit of giving.

Oh yes...and there's always the chance you might bump into someone you know!

Could that possibly be Pastor Ron selling jewelry over there? He seemed to have a way of drawing the crowds to his stall...there's nothing like enthusiasm to make a sale! Sorry, but I had no time for jewelry...I had to run check on my silent auction bids. It was my lucky day...and I came home with a few treasures.

The antique plant stand was mine for $50...freshly stained and ready to hold the fern in the corner of the great room.

And no one else seemed interested in a porcelain doll. I didn't really care for her dress, but left her in her petticoat...and added a crocheted cape that was once worn by my daughter. One day she will find a home in my antique doll buggy...handmade by my father-in-law over sixty years ago.

Our last stop before we left the sale, was the 'porzelky' booth. We picked up a dozen of those wonderful deep-fried fritters to go...and had us a little feast when we got home.

It's a great event...and a place for guilt-free shopping! Since when is helping people around the world this much fun?


  1. Oh you arrived home with such great treasures. This event looks like great fun and it must give your family a lot of joy to know that the Lord used you to help it get started all those years ago. Wonderful!

    Heidi is much on my mind these days...

  2. This seems to be a fantastic event. I love shopping when it benefits a cause close to my heart. I'm glad you got your treasures.

    What meaningful memories!

  3. Judy, what an amazing find in the plant stand. . .that was a bargain and a half. I wonder how old that pocelain doll is. . .how amazing. .
    I didn't know that the bread went for that much ..are you serious? I always thought the bread was a couple of thousand dollars. . but hey, I haven't checked the numbers.. .
    YOu should be so pleased and blessed and proud (are mennonites allowed to be proud?). . .well anyways, that your family helped to start this great annual event.
    Soon, maybe we get to see a real baby?

  4. That Ron is just a hoot! He and his wife are a super sweet couple. What great treasures you found, and like you said for such a good cause you don't mind spending. (giving) It was interesting to hear about the beginnings of the MMC sale. I now wish I had gone. Still waiting on the call too. Kathy

  5. And wasn't it wonderful to find one familiar face, and wouldn't it have been fun to be more daring to raise the bid for your silent auction, and then won, and given it to you at Christmas!

  6. What a super idea to have a sale like this.

  7. My daughter was there as well.
    I attended many years ago, when living in Canada and it´s really a fun place to go to.
    Love the plant stand!

  8. I am amazed at such treasures from such a small town area. Some year I'm going to have to make a run up north and go too! So be sure to leave a few goodies for the out of towners.


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson