Wednesday, September 17, 2008

my kind of shopping spree...

We all have our favorite shopping places...and I have mine as well. It is not anywhere near a does not sell designer labels...and none of their antiques are for sale.

Of all the shops in this fair town, the one I visit most frequently is Hofstede's Country Barn.

It has been voted the favorite local produce market...and they always have fresh produce by the bin.

They also have a bakery, deli, and coffee shop...

...and wonderful friendly staff. Marlies worked for us on the farm while in school...was Emme and Spencer's favorite babysitter as well...and now we visit her regularly at Hofstede's.

All these peppers for two dollars? I can't resist a bargain like everything is coming up peppers at my place!

Our weekend guests brought us a lovely box of Okanagon tomatoes...I threw in some chopped peppers, onions and a few other things, and we have enough salsa to keep us warm over the winter months! If you are looking for a zippy salsa recipe, you can find it on the MGCC recipe blog.

Today I am planning to make a trip to Hofstede's to pick up my cuc's...and some fresh dill...and whatever else catches my fancy. By tonight the entire house will smell of dill pickles...and that smells good to me!

Enjoy your day...


  1. Me too! What bargains! No wonder that you can't resist. You must show us all your larder once it's all in jars and looking pretty. Have a great day, albeit busy, day!

  2. Next time let's plan ahead and we can meet there for coffee and then do cuc's together.
    It's always more fun to work with someone else while you scrub all those cucs...
    And to top it off, a game of tennis.

  3. My kind of place to shop too but one usually has to travel a bit.

  4. What a wonderful market. . it looks fantastic. . we have a small country market at our end too . . . they are the best.

  5. It looks so colorful! I wish we had a store like that.

  6. Ilove love love shopping like that....wonderful store to share with us. Can't wait to share my country market photos with all next Sunday!

  7. Whoa! You got all of those peppers for two dollars. One pepper here costs more than two dollars.

    You did great. I'm so impressed.

  8. The salsa looks great. You are very talented. I bet that will taste wonderful in the snowy months. Grab the chips and yummy! That store look fab. You have the greatest pics. Is it just me or is food just so pretty?

  9. Oh my what a wonderful place to this is my kind of shopping!

  10. I pop into Hofsteads almost every week. It is also a place that I meet a freind or my daughter and tots for a quick lunch or coffee. Yes, the staff is very friendly and helpful and the boss is just a hoot! Kathy


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson