Monday, September 1, 2008

Labour Day

This may be a holiday for some, but it seems on a farm 'labour day' is about labouring...not about resting. Since there are grass fields that need harvesting, the plan was to mow grass today...however, I don't see a whole lot of sun out there just yet.

Yesterday was a rather unsettled day, but we took our '47 Monarch out of the garage for a change...and only encountered one slight shower. When we decided to explore the developments on the eastern hillsides, we switched to a more reliable form of's kind of nice to know you have power steering and reliable brakes on the mountain roads!

Our view from the front porch has been changing rapidly over the past few years, as the mountainside to the east is being developed. We noticed more trees coming down this summer...more roads going in...and more buildings going up, so we decided to take a closer look.

This is how it looked as we left the yard...where once there were only trees beyond the corn field, there are now large bare spots.

And this is what those 'bare spots' looked like from close up! I prefer trees...but when there is no room left in the valley, the people must move up.

On a clear day, there is a lovely view of our community...we picked out our farm below. Yesterday, however, there were storms rolling the mountains a few miles away were in the clouds.

It would be quite tempting to buy a lot up here...especially if one liked golfing! Many of the lots back onto the Falls golf course...a championship 18-hole course which rises high above the valley floor and has been called one of Canada's "Top Ten Hidden Treasures" by the National Post. We stopped beside the road to take a picture of a black bear...but he ambled off into the woods before I got my shot. So if you like bears...and waterfalls in your back yard...and a view of the farms on the valley floor...this may just be the place for you!

We enjoyed a gourmet BBQ at the home of friends last night...featuring BBQ'd pork tenderloin as well as a wonderful butter chicken dish...umpteen salads, delicious dessert and the best of company. It was meant to be an outdoor event to mark the end of summer...but the 'un-summerlike' weather forced us indoors where it was warm and cozy.

Today Ryder is spending some quality time with Grammy while his sisters are shopping for back-to-school clothes. He was in quite a hurry for them to be on their way...he rather likes having Grammy to himself on occasion. And so we will play cars, read books and eat popcorn twists...sounds like a fine way to spend Labour Day!

Have a wonderful holiday...


  1. Indeed my man the farmer is not lounging in front of the tv but is out in the barn.
    Your day yesterday sounds wonderful and the weather was about perfect for a walk down the dyke. . that's what we did.
    Enjoy your grammy day, how couldn't you with that curly topped sweetie pie.

  2. It feels like fall here in Oregon and as much as I enjoy fall, I'm not quite ready to let go of summer. Your grammy day sounds fun. I'm sure both you and Ryder will be blessed by time spent together. What are popcorn twists?

  3. Your photos are lovely, Judy! So much geen and open sky. It makes my city heart soar to see sights like that.

    The golf course sounds really nice --my husband would love that and if it were in my backyard I might even leaern how to!

    Glad you had fun with Ryder!
    Hugs, Pat

  4. What a gorgeous header..I love it.
    Hope you had a great Grammy day!

  5. A fine way to spend the day indeed! I will see my little grandson tomorrow! Your views are beautiful. I am with you, I prefer trees to progress.

  6. the view is breathtaking, looks like you have a wee taste of heaven in them thar hills.
    i don't blame your little guy all to yourself, sounds like he has it pretty good with grammy time!

  7. wait, let me try that again.....the little guy wanting you all to himself....there that sounds better, =}

  8. Had a chance to read your post yesterday, but no time to comment. I find it so interesting to see development going on everywhere, but when it comes to your own view...well, it's not always easy. We had a house go up in the "forest" behind us a year or so ago. It's okay now, but, at the time, I hated it.

    So glad that sweet Ryder got a "Grammy Day." I've been getting a lot of those myself and they can be very special indeed. ;D

    We'll wake in our own bed tomorrow morning...hallejulah!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson