Friday, September 26, 2008

then...and now

My little Ranen came for a visit yesterday...

...and her first stop was the garden to check out the grapes.

She absolutely loves grapes, but they aren't all that sweet just yet...we need a little more sunshine!

But surprise of surprises...she found raspberries out there. I gave her a bowl to pick them into...but they went straight to the mouth just as fast as we could pick them. It's rather nice having everbearing raspberries...and having fresh berries right through the fall. While Ranen and I were enjoying our fall feast, I got this feeling we had done this seemed like yesterday.

I checked back in my blog...and exactly one year ago I posted this photo of Ranen eating grapes in the garden.I was right...we've been here before.

Time flies...enjoy the moment!


  1. Judy. . .You have no idea how many times I've felt . . like I've posted something before. . and usually I'm right. . the good thing is that not most other people would remember.. . and besides that. . it is always a treat to see how the babies are growing. .she is darling.
    I've noticed that many things are a bit behind according to my picture file. .
    enjoy your day. . of waiting.

  2. Judy, what a little cutie she is! And your yard is beautiful, with the blooming clematis, and raspberries, still, and grapes. Dairymary

  3. It was a little warmer last year when Ranen was a toddler. Now she's a big girl. How did she grow up so much in just one year?

    I have perpetually frightened by posts I do...I even have to do a search on my own blog. Sometimes its a recipe; sometimes a story...

    Thanks for sharing these idyllic pics of Ranen scouting for grapes and finding raspberries.

  4. What neat pics, Judy and it is just like Lovella says..who remembers if we've seen them before? And even if I did remember I don't mind seeing them again!
    My grapes are all picked and made into jelly, but then again my crop wasn't very big, 1 basket of grapes, next year I'm hoping for more!

  5. How time flies...I have similiar pictures from this year of our everbearing berries. Wonderful and yummy.
    And you are still waiting?

  6. Still waiting too! How fun for you to share the day with Raynen. She is precious! Kathy

  7. Judy, she is such a beauty.

    And, everything looks luscious. I love picking grapes. My uncle had wonderful grapevines, but when he died they sold the property. We rode by there last week, and I was tempted to stop and ask if I could pick a few grapes.

  8. What a pretty grand daughter and a pretty garden! I ahve such good memories of picking grapes and blackberries at my grandmother's when I was young

    Have a good weekend!

    Hugs, Pat

  9. I see you've been doing a little decorating in here. Looks great. That header is perfect for September and don't you love those little pics? (They have a name that I can never remember...wonder why that is...wait! "Thumbnail," that's it.)

  10. Hi Judy

    With such sweet little grand daughter I'm sure there is some pink in your life :-)

    Have a blessed Sunday!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson