Saturday, May 31, 2014

the merry month of may...

The apple trees blossomed and the grasses grew...

...and down on the farm there was plenty to do.  That's how it always is in May. 

And on May third we had a few birthdays and decided to celebrate with a girl's luncheon this honour of Ranen and Auntie Broni's special day.  And then we took in a local production of Anne of Green Gables together in the afternoon.  It was all good!

Mother's Day turned out to be a beautiful, warm day.  We gathered up some books, a picnic lunch and a blanket and headed for Silver Lake...a short 40 minute drive from here.  Though there were a few paddlers out on the water...we had the park almost to ourselves.  It was a lovely afternoon!  Once we got home...the kids came by. 

A few of them had fun frolicking in the tall grass with their 'mamma'!  Last chance...since the grass was slated to come down in the morning.

And it did.  It was a bumper first-cut crop this year...with far more grass than the bunker could hold.  I think that is a good problem!

They worked long and crazy hours on the farm...trying to get all the cropping done.

And while they were making hay on the ground below...they had live entertainment up above!  It seemed there was work to be done on the wires...though it looked rather like a circus act to me.

Maggie came for a sleepover one night...and we took a hike up to Bridal Veil Falls together.  Spring is the best time to visit the park...with the spring run-off creating a veil of cascading water. 

On our way to and from the falls...we passed by grandpa who was preparing a field to be planted in corn.  Maggie thought we might stop for a bit so she could ride along...and so we did!

Victoria Day is one holiday that is seldom recognized on the farm...since there is no time for playing when there is work to be done.  When some friends invited us to join them for an outing to the racetrack at Hastings Park in Vancouver on the holiday Monday, hubby decided that the corn planting could wait until 'tomorrow' and we would go.

Our friends had a horse racing for the first time that day.  Wind Hammer did them proud and placed third.  It was a great run for a young horse...and we'll be keeping an eye on that horse over the coming months. 

The corn got planted despite our time off to go to the races!  By now it is up...and before long the fields will be green.

Wisteria, clematis, lilacs and irises all bloomed merrily this month...and the red-winged blackbirds sang from morn until night. The month of May has once again come and gone...but the memories live on!

 The world's favorite season is the spring.
All things seem possible in May.
 ~  Edwin Way Teale