Thursday, July 19, 2018

Tulameen, Coalmont and Granite Creek

I am interrupting my monthly updates to add a mid-month travel post...for the record!  Though I prefer things to stay the same for the most part, when it comes to travel I like to visit places I have never been.  So our destination for our RV trip last week was Tulameen, a little place I had heard of but never visited.

It lies within the Cascade mountain range and is surrounded by beautiful and rugged terrain. The wildflowers were just amazing when we were there.

Tulameen is located on the south end of Otter Lake, about 3 1/2 hours northeast of Vancouver and 45 minutes from Princeton.  It was at one time known as Otter Flats.

We took the scenic route on our drive in...through Merritt, Aspen Grove and then a long drive down a gravel forest service road.


It was mostly lovely, lonely and peaceful...but for the few logging trucks that roared by far too close for my liking!

Tulameen is located on the Trans Canada Trail, which winds its way through every province and territory in Canada...the longest trail in the world (16,000 kms).

This portion of the trail uses the rail bed of the historic Kettle Valley Railroad and  passes through stunning landscapes.

 We brought our bikes and cycled in both directions from Tulameen...over trestle bridges and through stunning landscapes.

Since railroad tracks never exceed 2% grade, we knew we wouldn't be climbing any steep hills.
The trail goes through...rather than up and over. Good thing!

We cycled north from Tulameen along the shore of Otter Lake one day and could see the provincial park on the opposite shore.

Fishermen, kayakers and pleasure boaters were out on the water.

Another day...we headed south to Coalmont.

Though we passed by a few farms and didn't look like there was much farming happening there these days.

We followed the Tulameen River for some 10 kilometers...

...the same path followed by those seeking to make their fortune in gold a long time ago.

At Coalmont we found the remains of a once thriving town that was established in 1912 to serve as a supply point to the neighbouring coal mine at Blackburn.  Today there are about 100 full-time residents.

We carried on to Granite Creek...

...where we enjoyed a simple picnic lunch on the rocks.

Granite Creek was  thriving town during the gold rush in B.C....once the third largest town in our province.  Really?  We enjoyed our walk down memory lane at Granite Creek.

After a few delightful days in was time to head home.

The drive back to Princeton is along a scenic mountain highway...where the road clings to the side of the hill and offers amazing views of the valley far below.

Once we reached Princeton, we crossed an old single lane bridge and began the familiar part of the journey home...through Manning Park, Hope and on to the Fraser Valley.

It's a beautiful province with no end of places to explore.  We always enjoy our little adventures on the 'roads less traveled'!