Friday, January 31, 2020

January Twenty Twenty

Every sunrise brings new hope. 

This was yesterday morning's glorious sunrise!

The new year did not start off with good news.
In fact, it seemed that every new day brought more hard things that first week. 
But we have hope.

Bill and Jeanne (my brother and sister-in-law from Iowa), 
as well as my nephew, 
flew out to spend some time here early in the month. 

We postponed our Baerg family Christmas get-together until they were here...
and had Christmas in January at a lovely clubhouse. 

Dad loves having the clan together...
but as you can tell...
it went a little longer than he was up to!

The Iowa family escaped the valley just as the snow began to fly.

It was pretty.

At first!

And then came a wicked blizzard and the deep freeze!
The freeway was closed several times that week.
The milk trucks could not get through...
and many farms had to dump their milk.
Schools were closed most of the week.

It was a good time to stay home...
and look at it all through the window!

Eventually the winds stopped howling...

...and we made a path to the front door.
(Thanks Jeremy and Corey!)

On the 19th of January...
we walked the Vedder River Trail.
It was a good thing to do on my birthday.

Let me just slip in one borrowed pic of Maggie and Lucy who were flower girls at a
wedding celebration in Tofino (west coast of Vancouver Island) that weekend.
There the snow had turned to rain...
and they shivered under umbrellas...
as they dropped their petals on the wet sand of the ocean shore.

As we have done several times in the past...
we enjoyed a mid-week stay at the Harrison Hot Springs Resort once the storm was over.

It's a lovely spot any season of the year!

We know that after the snow comes the rain!
And the big melt.
And the lakes where there aren't supposed to be any!

We still have the remains of snow drifts around the house...
but the bulbs are all pushing up out of the ground...
the heather and the pansies are blooming...
and we know that spring will be here before too long.

I am off to Texas in a few days to spend time with my sister Bev who had a brain tumour removed a few weeks ago. 
She is doing well but has a long journey ahead of her...
and is so thankful for any and all who are praying for her.

As the sun sets on January...
I look forward to the new month and whatever it may hold.
Every day is a gift!

Thanks for visiting 'my front porch'! 

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

December ~ and so ends another decade

Roses in December.

They were a bright spot on foggy mornings 
and reminded me of the old Christmas carol we used to sing...
'Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming'.

December is always a good time for getting together with family and friends.
A highlight over the past dozen or so years is a MGCC Christmas party.
Julie hosted us this year...
a delightful evening with a wonderful group of friends.

Ellen drove many hours from eastern Washington for the evening.  We had a good laugh when we noticed that we were dressed like twins once again. I found a photo from a few years ago where we also showed up in similar outfits.

Our small group from church always has a Christmas party of some sort...
and this year it was at our place. 
It seems we have dealt with a lot of hardships in this group over the past year...
but this was one evening when we put our cares aside and 'made merry'.
Laughter is the best medicine!

I had company in the house this December.
Elmer had surgery on his right wrist at the beginning of the month (wrist fusion)...
and couldn't do much of anything besides read and watch TV for the first while.  
I was his 'right-hand man'.
He is on his second cast, back to driving now and looking forward to having a pain-free and functional wrist again.

Dad had a bout of pneumonia just before Christmas...
and we weren't sure if he would be up to going out at Christmas.
He was able to join us on Christmas Eve...
and quite thrilled with his new Rosevale Farms cap.

On Christmas morning we had brunch...

and opened gifts.

Ranen and Micah played us some lovely Christmas tunes on their violins.
What a gift!

Unbeknownst to them...
my friend painted up some lovely portraits of Emme and Spencer from photos that I sent her.
They unwrapped them on Christmas Day.
Did she not do a great job?

Boxing Day was a snow day.
Not at our place...

...but after a 45 minute drive to Chilliwack Lake we found plenty of snow.

It was a great place to build a snowman...

...but not quite so good for having a picnic.

We opted to have a tailgate lunch!

I had planned to do a year-end blog post...
but since my computer is 'on the fritz' right now and my photos are inaccessible..

I will just add a collage of a few reminders of the happenings of 2019.

As the sun sets on another year...
I am thankful to God for His faithfulness.

How reassuring to know that He holds 2020 in His hands.

Thanks for all the visits and comments throughout the year.
Wishing you all a Happy New Year!