Friday, January 20, 2017

Inaugural surprises...

Inauguration ~ the beginning or introduction of a new period. 
 My official inauguration into old age began on the 19th.

We decided to spend the inaugural night in Vancouver...

...and thought that a night at the new Trump Hotel on inauguration eve might just be fitting.

A friend has been involved with the construction of  this hotel...
we had heard many stories about it...
and decided we would go check it out in person.

The reservation was made one month in advance...
through Expedia.

Yesterday we showed up at the new hotel...
reservation confirmation in hand.

Doormen, hostesses and guest services personnel welcomed us warmly. 
They invited us in...
and then informed us that the hotel was not quite ready for guests.
They had made new arrangements for our stay in the city...
at a lovely nearby hotel and would escort us there if we were willing.
They would be covering our tab.
Would we accept their very sincere apologies...
and their alternate accommodations?

Why of course!
We had a brief glimpse of the new Trump Hotel...
were invited to come back soon for a better look...
and had a lovely lady escort us to Rosewood Hotel Georgia.

There we had several more surprises!

Today we watched the inaugural ceremonies from our room at the Rosewood...
enjoyed a lovely walk in the sunshine along the waterfront...
and took care of business while we were in Vancouver.

And that is how I marked my 65th birthday.

There have been many more surprises sprung on me these past few days.
I'll share some of those with  you one day soon. :)

As for old age...
it's going well so far! 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 ~ Year in Review

The new year has arrived!  We have turned the page on 2016...and a blank book is waiting to be written.  It's a good time to gather a few memories from the 'year that was'.  Let me share few of the happenings of this past year...along with one image from each month.

These photos were taken one year ago today...on a New Year's Day drive to Hope.

January was a lovely month, which included some local hiking, a visit from my brother and family from Iowa and a birthday celebration at Harrison  Hotsprings.

In February I joined my sisters and nieces for a ‘girls only’ reunion in Las Vegas on the long weekend…we hiked, played games, laughed a lot, saw a show and did a lot of walking. On the day that would have been my mother’s 90th birthday, we (her five daughter's, one daughter-in-law, and seven granddaughters from all over Canada and USA) met for dinner and ‘reminisced’ a little .


We spent Easter in the Holy Land this year.  How special to walk where Jesus walked, to visit Jerusalem, sail the Sea of Galilee, stroll through the Garden of Gethsemane, and visit Bethlehem...
to witness a baptism in the Jordan River, and see the ruins of ancient cities we had often read of in the Old Testament. It made the Bible come alive!

April brought colour to the valley.  Every drive past our local tulip fields called for a photo stop!

Another highlight of the month was the annual 'Ladies Getaway' sponsored by our feed company. It took us on a trip to Victoria and Butchart gardens this year...during a record-breaking heat wave.  

May is a busy month on the farm...with all the fieldwork and corn-planting.  Elmer planted corn for the very last time. After 45 years, he decided that someone else will be planting the corn from now on.  My sister Bev (who lives in Texas) retired from nursing and took a long road trip with a stopover at our place for a week.


In June we took the motorhome to Whistler for a few days mid-month.  A visit by my cousin from Ontario called for a few get-togethers with my Isaak cousins.  School ended for the grands and we took in end of year concerts, recitals and soccer games.


July 31, 21016 was our 45th wedding anniversary.  We took a little trip to Victoria, just like we did 45 years ago.   Also in July...a ‘family reunion’ in Oliver and a visit by two of my American cousins (as well as my aunt from California).  It was a good month!  

The highlights of the month were spending the long weekend at Brae Island Campground in Fort Langley with our whole family...and a road trip adventure to northern British Columbia and a visit to Haida Gwaii.


September...we harvested corn, celebrated birthdays (including Dad’s 94th) and we took a trip to Indiana and Ohio to see a theatrical production called ‘Mennonite Girls Can Cook’ showing in two theatres over there.


October...finished the fall work on the farm and flew to Palm Springs for a little R&R.


November ~ Beautiful foliage and LOTS of rain.

(photo of our seven grands taken on Christmas morning)

December ~  Christmas celebrations with family and friends...

...and snow, snow and more snow!

It was a good year on the home front.  I thank God for His faithfulness...and am thankful that 'come what may' He is still in control!

Wishing you all a Happy New Year.