Saturday, August 31, 2019

August ~ memories and moments

It was a full month. Let me try to re-cap!

Chilliwack close, so beautiful and yet we go there so seldom.  My brother Bill and niece Kiley (from Iowa) came for a visit at the beginning of the month.  Besides spending time with dad, we had a few fun outings with extended family.

My niece suggested we do the East Sector Trail in Harrison Hotsprings with the whole gang...a great trail for all ages!  From there we drove to a lovely spot on Harrison Lake for a picnic lunch... Greenpoint, one of my favorites.

On a very hot Sunday afternoon, we took our lawn chairs to the Cheam Wetlands Park and visited there in the shade there all afternoon.  Or should I say we listened to stories?  :) Dad loves telling stories...of yesteryear!

On the last day of their time here, we hiked to Bosumarne Falls...

...a hidden gem on an easy trail near Chilliwack Lake.

And then...lunch on the rocks. It's fun being a 'tourist' in your own backyard on occasion!

We had a good reason to head east mid-month...we wanted to check out our friends' new home in Colville (eastern Washington state).  So we tagged on a few days before and a few days after and made a vacation of it! The first leg of the trip took us through the Okanagan Valley...

 ...past the turquoise waters of Kalamalka Lake and on to the Kootenay region of our province.

Somewhere along the way (near Lumby) we spotted a mamma moose and her calf  beside the road.  Conveniently, there was a viewpoint right we stopped and watched awhile. 

In order to get to Nakusp, we had to cross the Lower Arrow Lake on the Needles cable ferry.  After an uneventful crossing and short drive...

...we checked in to our campsite on the lakeshore in Nakusp.

We so enjoyed stroll along the promenade and all the beautiful gardens.  We also took in a delightful  'concert in the park' one evening...and soaked awhile in the Naksup Hotsprings.  Of course. 

We biked...

...and hiked

...and had lunch on the patio of  BC's oldest hotel....The Leland.  It may be small...but the village of Nakusp is worth a visit!

Our next stop was Beaver Creek Provincial Park in Trail...where we set up camp along the Columbia River.  Our friends, Terry and Lovella joined us there later that evening...

...and the next day we carried onward and southward.

Our destination was the Bayles RV Park at Greg and Ellen's new home in Colville, of a MGCC reunion-of-sorts for the weekend.  Anneliese and Herb, Terry and Lovella, Harv and Bev, and ourselves had a most delightful weekend as the recipients of Greg and Ellen's hospitality.

Ellen had hung out the welcome 'mat' before we arrived...a clothesline of all her aprons!

We ate royally all weekend (glamping at its finest)...Greg cooked meat on his smoker, and the rest of of us chipped in to provide side dishes.

It was so nice to spend time with Greg and Ellen in their new surroundings...attend church with them, check out their local shops, eat Mexican food at their  favorite spot, meet their kids and grands that live nearby, listen to beautiful and inspirational music together, share from our hearts...

...and hike to Douglass Falls (just a few miles from their home).  It was a wonderful weekend together with good friends...'the fellowship of kindred minds'!  Thanks so much for your hospitality, Greg and Ellen!

While the others headed home, we carried on to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho with Terry and Lovella after the weekend. Once we had set up camp, we hopped on our bikes and rode to the lakeshore to check out the town.

Oh, oh! It seemed we were in trouble from the get-go.  We rode our bikes across a basketball court in the park...and that is a misdemeanor.  Once the policeman figured out we were uninformed Canadian tourists, he let us off the hook!  We stuck to the paved paths along the lakeshore the rest of the afternoon. And the next day, we took the advice of the friendly policeman and headed to Montana to ride the Hiawatha Trail.

The Hiawatha trail is known as the crown jewel of rail-to-trail projects in the country. Over 15 miles of railroad track has been converted into a gentle downhill biking trail...through ten tunnels, including the 1.7 mile St. Paul Pass Tunnel, and seven trestle bridges up to 230 feet high. We bought our trail passes and rented 'headlights' at Lookout Pass Ski Area...riding the tunnels without light would not be a good thing!  And for those of us who did not feel like riding back up the trail, there was a shuttle service available.  It was a lovely ride and the perfect way to end our vacation. 

The next day we were homeward bound, west on the I90 over the Columbia River...the quickest route according to GPS. 

By the time we reached the Snoqualmie Pass, our fairweather vacation was over.  And then came the traffic chaos of the Seattle area. Next time we will take the 'slower paced' route home through Canada. And there will be a next time! 

The Chilliwack air show took place last weekend...we watched from our chaise lounges on the back patio as the sunset.

On Sunday morning we had a front row seat to the 2019 Vancouver 'ride to conquer cancer'.  The 200 km route from Cloverdale to Hope and back went right by our place.  We ate breakfast on the front porch and watched as thousands of riders rode by...raising a total of $9.1 for cancer research.  We have sponsored a team over the years (friends who lost a son to cancer)...but were not able to pick them out of the crowd.

For the sixteenth year in a row...we have gone camping with the grands.  The oldest ones have graduated, but there are still some that want to come!  We returned to Camperland at Bridal Falls, where we have been many times before.  Close to home...and yet a world away! 

Lucy, Ranen and Maggie were the campers this year...Micah and Ryder joined us during the day.

Campfire cinnamon crescent rolls for breakfast were a hit! 

 For the first time in many years, we were able to have a 'real' fire.  Once again...good times and good memories at cousin camp!

Let me end this August post with one last peek at the yellow wave petunias that have put on an  amazing show all summer.  Soon they will replaced by winter pansies.  Sigh.  Can summer really be almost over?

Thanks for stopping by!